2018 AFLW Round 4 Results

As far as the 2018 AFLW Round 4 Results, at least it was better than the 2018 AFLW Round 3 Results.

2018 AFLW Round 4 Results Still Not Perfect

2018 AFLW Round 4 Results

As you can see, I still haven’t got the perfect result, but what pissed me off is my William Hill sports bet! I went in to cash out my multi-bet only to find the cash-out option didn’t exist. WTF!  :pull_hair: Oh well, at least I know not to use William Hill for future multi-bets.

2018 AFLW Round 4 Scores

  • Western Bulldogs 12.14 86 – Carlton 2.1 13
  • Brisbane 3.4 22 – Fremantle 2.3 15
  • Melbourne 3.6 24– Collingwood 9.4 58
  • GWS Giants 2.7 19 – Adelaide Crows 2.7 19

For me, two games stood out above the rest. The first one was the Western Bulldogs vs Carlton game. While I expected the Doggies to win that game I didn’t expect them to do it in such a spectacular fashion. Not to put a downer on what was brilliant game as far as the doggies were concerned one has to wonder if Carlton even bothered to show up for the game. Perhaps if they decided to attack instead of playing such a defensive game, their scoring shots wouldn’t be so demoralizing!

The other game of note has to be the Melbourne vs Collingwood game. This game should have been all Melbourne, being premiership favourites and all, but it just goes to show how unpredictable these games are. The unpredictability of sports betting is why I’m always pushing responsible gambling.

So, why did Collingwood win that particular game? Was it because Melbourne was too complacent and Collingwood’s considerable was enough to turn the tide. If true then let that be a lesson to both leagues, male and female, that they should always approach all games with all guns blazing!

You may notice that I called the Crows vs Giants game a win even though it was a draw. I figured if the online sports betting sites were happy with that call then who am I to argue?


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