Australian A League Betting

I don’t know about you guys, but now that the AFL season is over I am bored shitless. It doesn’t help when there is nothing but crap in TV these days. Do you remember that post I did on the bet365 bonus update? Well, I’ve got just over a month to use up the remainder of my bonus bet before I lose it. That means I can’t wait for the AFL season to start. The question is what sport to place a bet on. Truth be told I don’t know much else about anything but the footy.

I didn’t do too bad on the previous World Cup so I thought I’d give Australian A League betting a go. How bad can it be? Either way I bet I have a 50/50 chance of winning, right. Hell, I may even get to like watching those guys kicking a ball around trying to score a goal. I’m sure it’s heaps better than the crap on TV like Big Brother or one of those moronic Bachelor shows. Then of course I may even be lucky to see someone throw themselves on the ground trying to get a free kick or something. Talk about acting! I’m sure soccer is one of the only sports around where you can get rewarded for acting. Especially when the acting is so bloody awful. I wonder if you can bet on that when it comes to Australian A League betting.

A League Betting, Bet Of The Week

That’s it then. So as not to lose my Bet365 bonus bet, that I got for joining them, I may as well try my hand at A League Betting. Being a South Aussie I reckon I should follow Adelaide United. I fired up the old Bet365 and had a look at the odds. Adelaide United is playing against Melbourne Victory on Friday 17th October. They’re paying 2.30 for a win, 3.50 for a draw and 2.90 if Melbourne Victory wins. Then I could also go for a double chance bet. (Read this post for an explanation of a double chance bet)

If I want to make things interesting there are a few other things I could bet on. As you can see from the image below, the odds on getting the correct score is pretty good.

A League Betting correct score


Even though it’s not in the image a 6-2 win actually pays 301.00 whereas a 4-5 loss pays 501.00! Is that unreal or what?

I’m putting $10 on Adelaide United to win and just for fun I’m going to try and predict the correct score. Just to improve my odd of getting it right I’ve bet on 5 x $2 bets. They include the following, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, Draw 0-0 and a Melbourne Victory 2-1 win. Hey, it could happen right? :soccer:

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