AFL Finals Week 1 Tipping Results

Did I not say that anything could happen in the finals? I’m pretty sure I did.  :tongue_out: So lets have a look at the AFL Finals Week 1 Tipping Results.

Fortuna’s AFL Finals Week 1 Tipping Results

AFL Finals Week 1 tipping Results

All in all I’m pretty happy with Fortuna’s AFL Finals week 1 tipping results. Especially because her tip on the Western Bulldogs Adelaide games was correct. Which was really good for me because, as you can see from this post, I placed ten bucks with Sportsbet on the Adelaide Crows to win. Now you all know the main reason for my placing online sports bets is to increase the enjoyment factor of the games I watch. Naturally when those bets pay off it’s just the frosting on the cake.

Lately I’ve also been placing $1 multi-bets because of Sportsbet’s Million Dollar Tipping competition. I decided I’d continue to place those multicast even though the Million Dollar Tipping competition is over for this season. You should really try your luck with it next year.  :tup: I do this because those multi-bets mean I get to enjoy even more footy games, games I normally wouldn’t even bother with. I don’t know about you but I reckon that’s pretty good for a buck!

As for the Richmond vs Nth. Melbourne game, I really agreed with Fortuna’s AFL Finals week 1 tipping which is why I backed Richmond in my multi-bet. Even though they lost that game it was a fantastic game to watch. It’s what finals footy is all about! Some say that Nth. Melbourne won that game because of all the players they rested. Personally I feel they wanted the win more. Even though Richmond lead for a lot of the game it was only because of Nth Melbourne’s inaccurate kicking, 30 shots at goal as compared to Richmond’s 18!

As for my feelings on the Crows game, I think I’ll leave that for another post.

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