AFL Finals Week 2 Tipping Results

Are you enjoying the AFL finals or what? I really thought that Nth. Melbourne would beat Sydney but it just goes to show that even favourites lose. That’s what makes online sports betting so interesting. That’s also why you should always be a responsible gambler because that way you never lose more than you can afford. It also makes your sports betting that much more enjoyable.  😉

OK, lets have a look at Fortuna’s AFL Finals week 2 tipping results.

Fortuna’s AFL Finals week 2 Tipping Results

AFL Finals week 2 tipping results

Looks like this is Fortuna’s worst ever result getting only 50% of her picks right. Then again when you consider there was only two games played last week it’s not all that bad at all.  :tongue_out:

Even though I backed Adelaide to beat Hawthorn it wasn’t to be. I have to say that Hawthorn played a brilliant game! As for Adelaide, man what a disappointment that turned out to be. I don’t know why Adelaide lost against Hawthorn. After their win against the Bulldogs I really thought they would do better in their clash against Hawthorn. But it wasn’t to be. It was as if they didn’t come prepared for the battle.

To me it looked as if the Finals pressure was just too much for them. They buckled under that pressure making way too many mistakes. A bit of the let down after playing so well even with the demise of their former coach, Phil Walsh.

I reckon that Patrick Dangerfield will now make his way over to Geelong. Suppose you can’t blame him too much,wanting to go back to his family home and all. That and the fact his girlfriend is probably influencing his decision, maybe just that tiny little bit.

Anyway, those AFL finals week 2 footy tips resulted in two losing bets. But I’m not fussed because the excited value of those two bets was well worth the cost. Here’s hoping I do better with this weeks bets.

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