AFL Grand Final 2016

This Saturday the MCG will be hosting the AFL Grand Final for 2016! I was pretty wrapped with last week when my bet on the Western Bulldogs paid off. Out of the two matches that was played last week the Western Bulldogs vs Giants game was by far the most exciting. As far as the Sydney vs Geelong match goes, the fact that Sydney dominated most of it pretty well killed it for me. It was almost a repeat of the Sydney vs Crows game.

I’m really hoping that the Doggies can bring it up to the Swans early on in the first quarter. If they don’t, if the Swans get away from them I feel that it could be another repeat of their last two games.

Sportsbet AFL Grand Finals best bet

What you see above is Sportsbet‘s latest special. So, if you place a bet and win Sportsbet will double your winnings.

You know, that’s such a great deal that I’m not even going to see what odds the other online bookies are offering. I did check to see if they were offering any specials but I could find any. :pull_hair:

So, Sportsbet gets the business, now all I need to do is work out who to back as AFL Grand Finals Winners! As most of you know when it comes to AFL Finals its almost anyone’s game. Sure Sydney are the favourites but that doesn’t rule the Doggies out.

I’ve decided to back the Doggies at $2.45. I’m hoping they will bring home the Grand Finals cup. Speaking about wanting needing to win your bet, there’s this bloke that placed $370,000 on Sydney to beat the Western Bulldogs! Man, wouldn’t he feel like shit if the Swans lost! I sure as heck couldn’t put up with the stress having that much riding on a bet. Not unless I had millions of dollars in my bank account. Even then it seems like a bit over the top.

So, who are you going to put your money on in this years AFL Grand Finals. Speaking of bets, you ccan see proof of my bet here.


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