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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a sports joke. I thought, being the start of the footy season and all, that I would post some AFL jokes.

The first of our AFL jokes involves four ‘Die-Hard’ footy fans.

Footy Fans AFL Jokes

Four football fans go rock climbing one afternoon: a Port Power fan, a Crows fan, a Collingwood fan, and a Carlton fan. The whole time they were climbing up the mountain they did nothing but argue about who was the most “die-hard” fan.

Once they reached the top of the mountain, the Collingwood fan proclaimed to the other three… “This is for all Collingwood supporters” and promptly threw himself off the mountain as a form of sacrifice.

Not to be outdone by a Collingwood fan, the Carlton fan jumped of the mountain screaming, “This is for all the Carlton supporters!”, again as a form of sacrifice.

Refusing to be outdone by the Collingwood and Carlton fans, the Adelaide Crows fan rose to his feet and yelled at the top of his lungs, “This is for all the Mighty Crows fans” and without hesitation, pushed the Port Adelaide fan off the mountain.

Yeah baby, Go The Crows!   :tongue_out:

I found the next of our AFL jokes on This funny sports joke has both AFL players and incorporates the Melbourne Cup!

Nick Riewoldt, Sam Gilbert and Nick Dal Santo were at the Melbourne Cup. None of them were successful on the punt, and by the end of the day, they had 50 cents between them. They decided to pool their money together and bet on the last race, but couldn’t decide which horse to back, so Gilbert decided they should measure their manhood, tally it up and put the 50 cents on the corresponding horse.

Two minutes later, they emerged from the toilets, put their money on horse 12, which was a 100/1 outsider, and to their surprise it bolted home, winning by 3 lengths. They then argued how they were going to split the money.

“Well, my manhood was six inches long, so I should get half” said Gilbert.

“My manhood was four inches long, so I should get a third” said Riewoldt.

“That’s not fair!” says Dal Santo, “If I wasn’t aroused at the time, we’d have backed Number 11!”

Naturally I can’t finish this weeks sports joke without a contribution from Victoria’s AFL football Jokes!

Victoria's AFL Jokes

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