AFL Preliminary Finals Results 2015

Fortuna’s AFL Preliminary Finals Results

As you know from last weeks post Fortuna played it safe with her AFL preliminary finals tipping. If you were one of the punters that chased the odds and went for either Hawthorn or North Melbourne you would have lucked out. As for me I decided to follow Fortuna’s AFL preliminary finals tips which resulted in two winning bets!

AFL Preliminary Finals Results

My main bet was obviously on the Hawks to beat Fremantle and my $10 bet with Sportsbet paid $15.90. Not my best winnings but not the worse either. Still, anything greater than a 50% return is pretty good in my books.

Then there was my $1 bet with William Hill which paid $1.85 which is an 85% increase. Some of you out there would say I would have been better off betting larger amounts of money but as I’ve said on more than one occasion, considering my financial status, that wouldn’t be responsible betting. If you want to enjoy you’re online sports betting then you should never, ever, bet more than you can afford to lose.

As for the actual scores for the AFL preliminary Finals Hawthorn 15 Goals 4 points (96) beating Fremantle 10 goals 7 points (67). Although Fremantle started off well in the first quarter it was only a momentary lapse on the Hawks side and it wasn’t long before they showed Fremantle who was boss.

As for the other AFL Preliminary finals match West Coast was just too classy for Nth. Melbourne scoring 10 goals 20 points (80) against Nth. Melbourne’s 7 goals 13 points (55)

Both games were pretty good to watch and as those punters who bet on matches for the enjoyment factor will tell you their small wager made them that much more exciting to watch.

I reckon the Age had a pretty good writeup on the Hawthorn, Fremantle game.

Looks like the AFL Grand Final for 2015 will be between West Coast and Hawthorn. I’m wondering what Fortuna’s picks for that game will be. I only hope that it turns out to be a really exciting game because that’s what we expect in a AFL Grand Final!


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