AFL Round 14 Results 2019

Looks like my round 14 results 2019 the same as my round 13 results, with only one tip stuffing me up. Unfortunately, I was so sure that Port was going to lose I didn’t cash out and we all know what that means don’t we? Yep, another losing bet.

Oh well, shit happens, let’s look at the round 14 results.

Round 14 Results 2019

AFL round 14 Results 2019

Now that I have the AFL round 14 results 2019 out the way we may as well look at the round 14 score results.

AFL Round 14 Score Results

West Coast 14-22 [106]Essendon 11-5 [71]
Sydney 12-10 [82]Hawthorn 9-9 [63]
Melbourne 13-7 [85]Fremantle 11-5 [71]
St. Kilda 8-11 [59]Brisbane 17-13 [115]
Port Adelaide 9-13 [67]Geelong 8-8 [56]
Wstn. Bulldogs 10-13 [73]Collingwood 13-4 [82]

You know, I should know better than to rely on Port Adelaide to do the right thing. When I tip them to lose they win and when I tip them to win they lose!

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