AFL Round 20 Results 2016

Fortuna’s AFL Round 20 Results 2016

AFL Round 20 Results 2016

Looking at Fortuna’s AFL round 20 results, 3 out of 9 isn’t too bad when you consider that the three Fortuna got wrong were definitely upsets. Especially the Hawthorn vs Melbourne game. Who ever thought that Melbourne would beat the Hawks?  :pull_hair: I’m sure no-one was more surprised than the Hawks for losing their nine game winning streak to the Demons.

AFL round 20 results aside I’m pretty happy with my online betting results, thanks to Sportsbets cash back special.

Sportsbet AFL Round 20 results

Like I said in last weeks post I intended to take full advantage of Sportsbets cash back special. I placed my first bet in the Richmond Collingwood game. Because Collingwood lead in the first quarter Sportsbet refunded my money.

I then placed a bet on Sydney to beat Port Power and that bet paid off. My next bet was Western Bulldogs and North Melbourne game. Even though I lost that bet, once again, Sportsbet refunded my money because  North Melbourne lead in one quarter.

My last bet was on the St Kilda vs Carlton game. As we all know St Kilda won that game and I won my second bet for the week.

All in all I won close to nine bucks which is pretty close to a 50% increase on my outlay. Man it’s good to see my sports betting bankroll increase.

Did you take advantage of Sportsbets cash back special?

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