AFL Round 8 Results 2017

The AFL round 8 results 2017 were certainly better than the round 7 results. If you look at the image below you’ll notice that the AFL round 8 results 2017 started off really well. So well in fact that I thought the round 8 results 2017 were going to be a smashing success. Unfortunately it went downhill after getting the fourth tip in a row correct.

Fortuna’s AFL Round 8  Results 2017

AFL round 8 results 2017

That’s certainly better than getting the first five in a row right? Who would have thought that Essendon would have trounced Geelong. So how in hell did the Cats let the Bombers blast them out of the MCG? According to the Herald Sun, they left the back door open and then Bombers took advantage of this and their lack of commitment.

Adelaide Crows Lose To Demons

Then there was the Adelaide Crows disappointing loss to the Demons. After last weeks loss to North Melbourne fans would have expected the Crows to have a win at home but that was not to be. It seems the Demons were able to scare the feathers off the Crows. Read how Chris McDemott rated the Crows disastrous loss to the Demons.

It’s interesting to note that for two games in a row now Sloane has been targeted and kept at bay. Whilst a match shouldn’t depend on one player they’re going to have to work something out to combat this tactic.

Richmond, like the Crows, have suffered two losses in a row. That was definitely an interesting game. They were neck in neck in the first half of the game when Fremantle got away from them in the third quarter scoring 4 goals 5 to their 4 points. While Richmond fought back in the last quarter they lost the game by a measly two points!

I have to admit I was on the end of my chair for the final seconds of that game. Oh well. It wasn’t to be.

So, what has the lesson I learned in the AFL round 8 results 2017? That you just never, ever know how the goals will roll in the AFL, or any sport for that matter, which is why you should always gamble responsibly.

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