AFLW Round 6 2018 Results

Damn! My AFLW Round 6 2018 Results suck! I was sure that last week I would do a lot better with my AFLW round 6 tips! Unfortunately, once again I only got two of the four tips correct. Oh well, shit happens, especially when it comes to sports betting, which is why I continue to stress the importance of responsible gambling.

So, let’s have a look at my AFLW Round 6 2018 Results.

My AFLW Round 6 2018 Results

AFLW Round 6 2018 Results

Let’s have a look at the scores now, shall we?

AFLW Round 6 2018 Scores

  • Adelaide Crows 6.4 40 – Fremantle 5.6 36
  • Brisbane 5.9 39 – Collingwood 8.5 53
  • GWS Giants 7.4 46 – Western Bulldogs 4.4 28
  • Carlton 3.4 22 – Melbourne 8.9 57

It wouldn’t be so bad if the wins were marginal wins, but the fact the wins were such convincing ones shows just how much my tipping sucks. Oh well, I did say at the beginning of the AFLW 2018 season that I was not comfortable tipping the AFLW. Which is why I’ve been wagering low amounts.

There’s still one week to go. Here’s hoping I get this week’s tips right. At the very least, I’d like to get one win in the AFLW 2018 season.

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