Alana Blanchard Hot Sports Babe #27 Surfer Style

Alana-Blanchard-hot sport babeDon’t you just love a hot sport babe in a bikini? I know I do. And what better place to find one than on the beach. I know you find a lot of them during surfing competitions and that’s usually where you will find Alana Rene Blanchard. In case you haven’t guessed by now Alana Blanchard is my latest hot sports babe.

Alana Blanchard Bio

Alana Blanchard was born on March 5th 1990. Not only is she a professional surfer, she’s also a model. No surprise there considering how hot this particular hot sports babe is. Alana Blanchard happens to be a really good surfer too having won championships in the Women’s Pipeline Championships, Hawaii; Rip Curl Girls Festival Jr. Pro, Spain; Roxy Pro Trials, Haleiwa, Hawaii; Billabong Pro, Pre Trials and several others.

You can find a more comprehensive bio on Alana Blanchard’s website. Did you know she featured in the movie Soul Surfer? Not personally mind you, as her part was played by Lorraine Nicholson. It was quite a good story.

Soul Surfer hot sport babe

Although she had some great runs earlier on in her career Alana Blanchard has been struggling of late. So much so that she may be pulling out this year.

Even though she hasn’t done much as far as winning goes she’s still the most popular surfer in the world.

Alana Blanchard Hot Sport Babe

Alana Blanchard In The Social Media

Alana Blanchard certainly is a winner as fas as social media goes. As of publishing this post her Facebook Page has 1,712,361 likes. Why don’t you add yours to it. You’ll find a lot more photos of here there.  😉

How are you doing on Instagram? Bet you don’t have anywhere near as many followers as Alana! To date she has over 1.1 million followers! That’s pretty bloody good if you ask me.

Alana Blanchard hot sports babes

You’ll find a lot more great photos of Alana Blanchard there.

Then there is Alana on Twitter. Only 171 thousand followers on twitter. I reckon her popularity isn’t all to do with her looks. A lot has to do with her bubbly personality. Also,unlike some hot sports babes who aren’t very active on their social media accounts, Alana is different. She’s done over 12 hundred Tweets to date.

Ok, now to have a bit of a look at Alan Blanchard in action.

Alana Blanchard Surfing

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