Best Bets For 2015

Sportsbets Best Bets For 2015

You know me, I’m not the best punter. But then I have never claimed to be. I’m not the sort of person that writes a lot of BS just to suck people into placing a bet. I’ve said from the outset that I was a newbie punter and I’ve invited readers to join me in my journey to becoming a better punter. So why am I even attempting to predict the best bets for 2015? I’m not! Instead I’m recommending you try the following which will take you to Sportsbet’s best bets for 2015.

Even though the guys at Sportsbet, sign up here if you’re not a member, have a lot more experience than I do they’ve come up with the following statement; “With more events than we can count on our abacus, we’ve come up with fifteen of our best predictions for 2015. [highlight]And we’re probably wrong.[/highlight]” I always said they were a smart bunch.

I kinda liked the email they sent me to wrap up 2014. I thought you non Sportsbet members would like to read it.

best bets for 2015 2014 wrap up

Hi Peter,

And that’s a wrap sports fans! Another year done and dusted, and what a year it’s been…

It was an emotional roller coaster that saw the highs of New South Wales breaking their Origin drought, the lows of Spain’s surprisingly early exit in the World Cup, another amazing Spring Carnival which saw Protectionist take the cup home to Germany and even a bit of romance with that Hodge and Buddy kiss as the Hawks went back-to-back.

We’ve had a ball bringing you closer to the world’s sport and racing this year. We hope you’ve enjoyed it, had a bit of a laugh and most importantly, backed a few winners along the way. Below we take a look at some of the memorable winners of 2014 and look towards the massive events kicking off in 2015!

Thanks again from the team at and have a Happy New Year!

I reckon that’s one of the shortest wrap up for sports in 2014 that you’ll ever read! That’s one of the things I like about Sportsbet. They don’t bore you long useless emails. Short and to the point. That’s exactly how I like them.

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