Best Betting Tips At TomWaterHouse?

best betting tipsAlmost every punter would love to get the best betting tips when it comes to placing a sports bet. This true even though, for the most part I honestly believe that betting tips are bullshit. I said as much in my post Sports Betting Tips Are Bullshit.This is different from my Top Sports Betting Tips post which lists the three top tips when it comes to sports betting.

Where would you go though if you were looking for the best betting tips? I suppose you would go to someone who had heaps of betting experience in order to get the best betting tips.

When it comes to the best betting tips there are tips and then there are tips! The first is the bullshit kind where someone gives you a tip who knows absolutely nothing about sports betting. Then there’s the best tips from someone who’s been in the sports betting game for years.


Where To Get The Best Betting Tips

Enter TomWaterHouse! To take advantage of the best betting tips from TomWaterHouse you need to be a member. They don’t just offer their best betting tips to just anyone. Only members are able to check out TomWaterHouse’s best betting tips. Why wouldn’t you want to join when it’s absolutely free and TomWaterHouse offers so much more than the best betting tips.

New members can get a free bet up to $250! That is of course unless you live in NSW, Victoria, South Australia or Western Australia. I wrote about why those states miss out in my I wrote about this in my Sports Betting Nanny State post. In that case you miss out which I feel is totally unfair.

There are some who say that TomWaterHouse is Australia’s biggest bookie. TomWaterHouse being one of them.  :tongue_out: Truth be told it doesn’t mater if it’s TomWaterHouseSportsbetbet365 or Sportingbet, each one will tell you they are the biggest or the best. Truth be told each one has their good points and those of you who are regular readers know why I recommend joining more than one online betting site.

I haven’t had time to join them yet so I can’t say whether or not they have the best betting tips or not. If you’re a TomWaterHouse member I’d love it if you would take the time to tell us of your experience with them.

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