How To Bet On The Melbourne Cup

bet on the melbourne cup

The Melbourne Cup is only days away and for the first time ever I am well prepared to place a bet on the Melbourne Cup. The reason I’ve never placed a bet before is because even though they say it’s the race that stops the nation some of us actually do have to work. Being one of the many that does work during the Cup I’ve never really had the time or inclination to place a bet.

That’s all changed not that I’ve joined a few online betting sites. I’ve found being a member of more than one online betting site has some advantages.

  • I can pick and choose between them so I can make sure I’m always getting the best odds.
  • I can take advantage of any special deals they’re offering at any particular time
  • If one site is down when I’m about to place a bet I can choose one of the other ones so I’m assured of not missing out on an important bet.

How To Bet On The Melbourne Cup

Placing an online bet on the Melbourne Cup is really easy. All you need to do is to pick one of the reputable online betting sites. The three that I’ve joined include.

    1. SportsBet
    2. SportingBet
    3. bet365

You’ll find the other sites that I reckon are safe and secure to join in the left hand sidebar. Perhaps you would rather Fortuna our Lady Luck of sports to help you pick an online betting site for you? That post will explain how Lady Luck can choose your online sports betting site.

Why Join An Online Betting Site For The Melbourne Cup

The best reason for joining an online betting site is that it makes betting on the Melbourne Cup so easy. Have you ever been at a Melbourne Cup luncheon and felt left out because you just didn’t have time to place a bet on the Melbourne Cup. Or maybe you did bet on a horse but decided, after listening to everyone at the luncheon that you picked the wrong nag. This is not a problem if you’re a member of the one of the above sites. They all have excellent mobile apps that make placing an online bet on the Melbourne Cup an absolute breeze.

So, don’t miss out on your chance to bet on this years Melbourne Cup. Join an online betting site today.

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Once you’ve joined you’re online betting site all you have to do is work out which horse to bet on the Melbourne Cup


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