Bet365 Free Bonus Update

In my bet365 review I spoke about the Bet365 Free Bonus where they will match your deposit up to $200! I mentioned how I deposited $100 using Neteller and how they matched my deposit. Well, something happened the other day inspiring me to write this Bet365 Free Bonus update. Edit: The free bonus, because of new government regulations, not longer applies to certain Aussie states.

Bet365 Free Bonus Expiration Date

What happened was when I fired up my Bet365 app I noticed that I was missing about $100. That was weird I thought. So, I shot the guys at Bet365 an email explaining my situation. It turns out that there is a 90 day expiration date on the Bet365 free bonus What this means is that you have to use up your Bet365 free bonus within the 90 days or it will simply disappear from your account. A big oops on my part. Just goes to show what happens when you don’t read all the conditions.

Fortunately Bet365 were very generous and put the whole $100 back into my account. Which brings me to the next part of this post.

My Bet Of The Week

Rather, because I want to make sure I use up my Bet365 free bonus in the allotted 90 days, my bets of the week. I decided that this week I would bet on more than one AFL game. Also I decided to choose those teams that had the best odds but still had a half decent chance of winning. Except, of course the Melbourne vs West Coast game. That one is a bit of a long shot and I’m hoping it will turn out better than my last long shot bet.

bet365 free bonus


OK, OK, maybe the St Kilda vs Richmond is a bit of a long shot as well. But you know what, after Richmond beat the Crows last week I’m hoping I can just will them to lose. 😀

As you can see Im placed my biggest stake on the Adelaide vs Nth Melbourne game. I reckon after the last game the Crows will fire up and be victorious. The last two bets are on the Brisbane vs Fremantle and the Western Bulldogs vs Sydney games. Total outlay for then week is twenty bucks. Stay tuned next week to see how those bets payed off.

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