Round 13 Footy Tips Results

Fortuna’s round 13 footy tips results were a little better than last week but not by much. Whereas last week she only got two right Fortuna managed to get 3 right in her round 13 Footy tips!

Fortuna Round 13 Footy Tips Results

Round 13 Footy Tips Results
Even though I’m not all that surprised that Carlton beat the Gold Coast I am surprised that Sydney lost to Richmond. I really thought that Sydney had it in the bag. called it a stunning win! I can tell you that I was  pretty bloody stun that Richmond beat Sydney. Especially because they were the second leg in my Multi-Bet with bet365! I only wish I had the time to cash out but I was working at the time. During my break they were about four or so goals up so I was pretty confident they would win. Imagine my surprise, and dismay, when I was told they lost. Shit!  :guns:

Oh well, I got the St. Kilda vs Western Bulldogs game wrong as well so multi-bet was stuffed anyway. I did notice though that bet365 had an interesting sliding scale feature built into their cash out feature. I’ll write more about that in a future post.

At least my Multi-Bet wasn’t a total loss as I did collect the small winnings on the two games that I did get right, You can check out my multi-bet here.

When I place my multi-bet I usually choose a game that has good odds as the last leg of my multi-bet. The reason being it increases the odds resulting in a better payout if it’s a winning multi-bet. Some may say that’s crazy but the facts are it’s these upsets that make the lucky punters a shit load of money. Check out some of these big multi-bet wins!

It’s just like when you buy a lottery ticket, you know you don’;t have a chance in hell winning unless you actually buy that ticket. It’s the same with those big Multi Bet wins. It’s not going to happen unless you take a chance on some of those riskier games. Win or lose at least you tried and that multi-bet sure does make those games more interesting. :drunk:

This is my second week of the Million Dollar Tipping Competition! I don’t know why I didn’t start it earlier. Sure I haven’t done that well this last two weeks but I am hopeful for the future tipping results.

Even despite the upset result on Friday night, it was still a pretty good week for tippers. All in all there were 8 winners tipping 6 out of 6 and picking the exact margin. Each of these skilful tippers won a cool $1,250 cash. Sure hope I can do that this AFL season. Have you joined the Million Dollar Tipping Competition?

Round 13 AFL Footy Tips

Man, did those round 12 AFL Footy Tips suck or what. That would have to be Fortuna’s worst result ever. Still, I’m sure most of you out there had a poor round 12 Footy Tips results as there were a few upsets in that round. Shit, who would have thought that Richmond would lose to West Coast! Or even Port Power to Carlton for that matter. Never mind, its time to put past losses behind us so we can concentrate on Fortuna’s Round 13 AFL Footy Tips!

Fortuna’s Round 13 AFL Footy Tips

Fortuna round 13 afl footy tips

So now we’re into the third and final bye of the AFL season. Once again we only have 6 games to choose from in our round 13 AFL Footy Tips.

  • Fremantle vs Collingwood
  • Sydney vs Richmond
  • Hawthorn vs Essendon
  • Brisbane vs Adelaide
  • St. Kilda vs Western Bulldogs
  • Carlton vs Cold Coast

Gee, looks like a bit of a pattern doesn’t it? Three on the left and three on the right 😉 I sure hope Fortuna’s not playing with us this week. I could really do with another win.

Now that I have Fortuna’s round 13 AFL Footy Tips I need to work out my multi-bet for this week. I’m going to give Bet365 another go this week hoping the third time is lucky rule will apply.  :tongue_out: As you know my last MultiBet didn’t work out so well because Richmond lost and they were the first part of my multibet.  :bash: And I was so sure they would win too!

Bet365 Multi Bet AFL Round 13

bet365 multi-bet

  • Fremantle $1.25
  • Sydney $1.2
  • Adelaide $1.28
  • St.Kilda $2.60

Last week I placed the whole 10 bucks on the Multi-Bet. Because Richmond lost I lost the whole kit and caboodle. Usually I place a small wager on each of the teams i’m backing. That way even if I lose the MultiBet at least I still get something on the winning teams. Better than a total loss right?

You can see this weeks Bet365 MultiBet over there on the right. Yes, unlike other online sports betting sites that just place a whole lot of links on their sites I actually use the majority of online sports betting sites that I promote.

The way you place a MultiBet with Bet365 is a little different from Sportsbet and William Hill.  My Round 11 AFL Footy Tips post shows you just how you place a MultiBet with Bet365!

Ever wondered how they worked out the odds on your Multi-Bets? You have! Then you will want to read this post to see just how they work out their Multi Bets.

Now all I have to do is keep my fingers crossed. Have you placed your Multi-Bet yet? If so what teams did you select?

Before I finish off did you know Sideshow Bob was going to murder Bart Simpson? Not only that but you can place a bet on how he does it as well. Read all about it on this post.

Round 12 AFL Footy Tips

As the first AFL Bye for the season passes us by Fortuna amazed me by getting 5 out of the 6 wrong. It was a shame that Port Power let her down by playing dismally otherwise Fortuna would have had a perfect score for the round 11 AFL footy tips. Now it’s time to see what Fortuna has for us in her round 12 footy tips selections.

Fortuna Round 12 AFL Footy Tips

Round 12 AFL footy tips 2015 Fortuna

As you know this week is the second bye for the season so once again we only have 6 matches to select for this weeks round 12 AFL footy tips.

  • Adelaide vs Hawthorne
  • Richmond vs West Coast
  • Carlton vs Port Adelaide
  • GWS Giants vs North Melbourne
  • Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane
  • Geelong vs Melbourne

What do you think of Fortuna’s round 12 AFL footy tips? Personally I’m not at all sure that Adelaide is going to pull off a win, even though they’re playing at home. I asked Fortuna about it and she only gave me that sly sexy wink of hers. Isn’t that just like a woman? That wink of hers doesn’t give me any confidence at all. This is why I’m not including Adelaide in this weeks Multi Bet.

Bet365 Round 12 Multi Bet

I’ve decided to go with Bet365 again for this weeks MultiBet. This is because I wasn’t able to test it out properly bet365 multi betlast week because of Port Powers unexpected loss last week. Because of Port Powers unreliable performances of late I’m not including them in this weeks multi-bet.

The three teams I have included as part of this weeks multi-bet include

  • Richmond $1.75
  • North Melbourne $1.45
  • Western Bulldogs !.30

As you can see in the image on your right, the multibet odds for this MultiBet is $3.30. My $10 wager, if it wins, will return $32.98. Now it’s just a matter of time to see how this weeks multi-bet pans out. Hopefully Fortuna’s round 12 AFL footy tips will be as good as last week and my multi-bet will turn out to be a winner.

In case you’re interested in the formula they use to work out MultiBet odds you will want to read this post.

What are your footy tips and who will you be using for your MultiBet this week?

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