AFL Round 10 2018 Results

:tongue_out: I’m happy to say that my AFL Round 10 2018 Results were pretty bloody good. Considering that round 10 was a bye and there were only 8 games I reckon 6 out of 8 was pretty good. Even more so considering that I believe the two I did get wrong were definitely upsets. The image below of the AFL Round 10 2018 Results shows the offending games.

AFL Round 10 2018 Results With Two Major Upsets

AFL Round 10 2018 Results

AFL Round 10 2018 Scores Results

COLLINGWOOD              1.1   5.3   9.8  13.12 (90)
WESTERN BULLDOGS   5.2   8.3   8.5    8.7  (55)

RICHMOND      3.3    6.4    10.9     15.15 (105)
ST KILDA         2.0    4.3     9.5      12.5   (77)

BRISBANE       2.2     2.3     4.7     6.13 (49)
SYDNEY           3.0     5.3     8.6     10.7 (67)

GEELONG        4.0     5.3     7.5     11.7 (73)
CARLTON         2.1     2.7     4.11   5.15 (45)

GWS GIANTS     2.3    5.6    7.9      8.12 (60)
ESSENDON        5.2    7.3    8.8    14.11 (95)

That’s two weeks in a row now that Essendon has stuffed up my tips.  :pull_hair: That’s their second great win against the Giants. Some say that the momentum changed for Essendon after Tomlinson pushed James Stuart over after his mark. The pursuing 50-metre penalty resulted in a goal which appeared to deflate the Giants.

HAWTHORN       3.1    6.3    8.6   9.6 (60)
WEST COAST    3.2    6.3    9.6   11.9 (75)

MELBOURNE   7.1    12.2   18.6   23.8 (146)
ADELAIDE        3.1    4.2     5.4     8.7   (55)

Although Melbourne definitely outplayed Adelaide I don’t think anybody expected the Crows to be crushed by such a large margin. It was such a debacle that Pyke was left speechless. The worst thing about that game is the ensuing bullshit I had to put up with from the Port Power fans. Wankers, they forget so quickly their past poor performances.

FREMANTLE               3.4     5.5     6.8     8.10  (58)
NTH MELBOURNE     1.8     4.12   7.13   12.14 (86)

On the plus side, I had another winning bet with Ladbrokes!  :clap2:  It’s always great when a sports bet finally goes your way. That’s twice not that Ladbrokes have offered me special odds on an AFL match, way above any other sports betting sites, that has paid off.

Here’s hoping for even better things in round 11.

AFLW Tips Round 1 2018

Are you getting excited? The 2018 AFL season is almost upon us. And just to wet our appetite we have the AFL Women’s league starting today. Being it’s only their second season it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to work out the AFLW Tips Round 1 2018. But let’s give it a go, shall we?

AFLW Tips Round 1 2018

  • Carlton vs Collingwood Ikon Park
  • Melbourne vs GWS Giants Thebarton Park
  • Adelaide vs Brisbane Whitten Oval
  • Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle Casey Fields

Tips in hand we’re now going to check out which of my favourite online bookies has the best odds.

Best Odds 2018 AFLW

2018 AFLW Sportsbet William Hill Ladbrokes
Carlton Womens 1.40 1.42 1.42
Collingwood Womens 3.00 2.80 2.90
Melbourne Womens 1.35 1.32 1.36
GWS Giants Womens 3.25 3.30 3.15
Adelaide Crows Womens 1.40 1.46 1.42
Brisbane Womens 2.96 2.65 2.85
Western Bulldogs Womens 1.45 1.46 1.42
Fremantle Womens 2.79 2.65 2.85
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You all know that I’m a Crows fan right? That being the case, and the fact they won the premiership last year, I’m placing a bet on them this week. Even though They’re not offering the best odds, I’m going to use Ladbrokes so that I can take them for a spin.

AFLW Tips Round 1 2018
I have to admit, I kind of like the feel of the Ladbrokes app. Certainly a lot cleaner than the old bet365 one I used to have. Once I had selected the team I wanted to back the first screen in the above image came up. I then picked the $10 offer and clicked ‘Quick Bet’. The app then asked me to confirm my bet. After that, the second screen came up. The third screen came up when I clicked on ‘pending bets’, just to see how it would look.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see whether or not Ladbrokes will be lucky for me for my AFLW Tips Round 1 2018.

On a side note, have you heard about them banning the Formula1 grid girls? I wrote a post about it called, Formula1 Bans Grid Girls.