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Advantage Of Online Lotteries

What is the advantage of online lotteries? When it comes to buying a lottery, ticket buyers usually have two choices. The first is your standard bricks and mortar lottery agents. The second, and one that many lottery lovers are taking advantage of is that of online lotteries, such as www.onlinelotto365.com.

More Than One Advantage Of Online Lotteries

  1. The truth be told there is more than just one advantage of online lotteries. The first one is the fact that when there is a significant lottery jackpot you don’t have to line for ages to buy a ticket. You can do so from the comfort of your home.
  2. The second and my favourite are those online lotteries do not limit you to your local lotteries. The most significant advantage of online lotteries is it exposes you to the best lotteries from all over the world.
  3. When buying a lottery ticket, my biggest fear is knowing I’ve won the lottery, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t find the lotto ticket ūü•ļūüė©. Not so with online lotteries because you always have a copy of your ticket secure online.
  4. Another advantage is you can always check the winning numbers for international lotteries logging into your favourite online lottery site to check your numbers. The better lottery sites will highlight the winning numbers on your ticket.
  5. Another of my fears is that I miss checked my ticket consequently throwing it away. Not a problem with online lottery agents because you’re always notified of winning tickets.

So, you see, there are many advantages to buying your lottery ticket online. The only disadvantage is that buying your ticket online is more expensive than going to a real life lottery agent. Hang on a sec! That’s not entirely true because once you add on your air fare to fly you to the country of your lottery choice you’ll really be saving heaps of cash.

AFL Round 10 Tips 2019

Last weeks tipping results were pretty good, and I’m hoping to improve on it with my AFL Round 10 tips 2019. To beat last weeks effort, I need to get at least 8 of my AFL round 10 tips right.

AFL Round 10 Tips 2019 Going Up?

AFL round 10 tips 2019
  • Sydney vs Collingwood (SCG) [17]
  • Hawthorn vs Pt. Adelaide (UT) [14]
  • Wstn. Bulldogs vs Nth. Melbourne (Marvel) [4]
  • Adelaide Crows vs West Coast (Adelaide) [8]
  • Gold Coast vs Geelong (Metricon) [47]
  • Richmond vs Essendon (MCG) [7]
  • Melbourne vs GWS Giants (MCG) [15]
  • St. Kilda vs Carlton (Marvel) [22]
  • Fremantle vs Brisbane (Optus) [13]

I didn’t have any luck with my multi last week, so I’m hoping to do better this week. All I need is to get enough right to cash out with a nice win. Naturally, it will all depend on timing. Wait too long, and I’ll end up with nothing.

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AFL Round 22 2018 Results

AFL Round 22 2018 Results Heaps Better

AFL Round 22 2018 Results

Thankfully my¬†AFL Round 22 2018 Results were heaps better than last weeks¬†AFL Round 21 2018 Results. I think it’s safe to say that both the GWS vs Sydney and West Coast vs Melbourne games. Unfortunately, my¬†AFL Round 22 2018 Results also resulted in a losing bet as I put money on the GWS Giants vs Sydney game as I felt that was a sure thing.

AFL Round 22 2018 Scores Results

RICHMOND   4.0   5.6  10.8  12.9 (81)
ESSENDON   2.3   4.4   7.5   11.7 (73)

COLLINGWOOD    4.2    9.7   10.11  17.13 (115)
PORT ADELAIDE   4.1   7.2    9.4     10.4   (64)

GEELONG      1.5   11.6  17.9   24.14 (158)
FREMANTLE  3.2   3.2    3.5    3.7      (25)

GWS GIANTS    3.3   6.6   7.9    8.12  (60)
SYDNEY            1.2   4.3   5.9   11.14  (80)

GOLD COAST  1.2    6.4    8.6   11.8   (74)
BRISBANE       3.5   6.10  7.15  10.18 (78)

ST KILDA        4.4     6.6    10.9    11.10 (76)
HAWTHORN   1.3     7.5    12.6    12.8   (80)

CARLTON                    2.2    4.4     5.6     7.7  (49)
WSTN BULLDOGS     2.1    4.2     6.4    10.6  (66)

WEST COAST    3.0    5.4   11.6    14.7    (91)
MELBOURNE     4.4    7.6   12.8    16.12 (108)

ADELAIDE CROWS    3.4  7.9   10.13   12.14 (86)
NTH MELBOURNE     3.2   3.5   6.7       11.11 (77)

That’s it for last weeks results. Hope you guys had a great¬†AFL Round 22 2018 Results, and better still, won any bets you may have placed.