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Hot Sports Fan Are Hot Sports Babes Claudia Romani

hot sports babe Claudia RomaniIt doesn’t really matter which sport you follow you are bound to come across some really, sexy hot sports fans. In my Body Paint Sports Style post I featured a couple of sexy hot sports fans. But the Hot Sports Babe in that post was undoubtably Andressa Urach a true soccer fan. And she wasn’t shy at all about going topless and having her voluptuous torso body painted. The other topless babes in that post just shows how dedicated some hot sports fans really are.

Hot Sports Fan Soccer Style

Todays hot sports babe is another really hot sport fan and just happens to be a really hot model. Her name is Claudia Romani.

Claudia Romani was born in Italy on April the 14th 1982. That makes her a smoking hot 32! According to Wikipedia she was born in L’Aquila, Italy but moved to Denmark in her teens. She did some studying in England but now lives in Miami Florida. I can just see those long legs of hers strutting down the Miami beach, can’t you?

As far as her modelling career goes she’s done some work for FHM, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, More! and even Playboy. FHM actually names this Hot Sports Fan one of the World’s Most Sexiest Women in 2006. Q magazine even reckon she has Denmark’s most beautiful legs. Man, check out those legs! I reckon other countries would be happy to have her over so they could judge those legs for themselves

Some of Claudia Romani’s commercials include major companies like Samsung, Ford and Toyota.

hot sport fan hot Claudia Romani Hot sport babe

Yep Claudia Romani has many titles that she can lay claim to, including being “named one of the “10 Most Beautiful Italian Women” by The in 2013.” Yep, she’s all that and she just happens to be a huge soccer fan and her latest title is Hot Sports Fan!. In regards to soccer it appears she loves her AC Milan.  At least one would think that was the case after spotting her in Miami wearing some AC Milan gear. I don’t know about you but you have to admit that Claudia Romani looks a lot sexier than any AC Milan player? Not to mention she fills that guernsey really well. Looks like she knows how to handle her balls as well 😉

Hot sport fan sexy Claudia Romani Hot sport babe

Alright! Just to finish off this here is a video of our latest Hot Sports Fan, a real hot sports babe Claudia Romani.

You know, the thing with a lot of hot sports fans is they like hot sports fan gear. Did you know that Amazon had some really popular hot sports fan gear.

So, what did you think of our latest hot sports babe?

Sabina Altynbekova Hot Sport Babe Too Hot To Play

Sabina Altynbekova is said to be one hot sport babe too hot to play sports. Honestly, if you haven’t heard of Sabina Altynbekova then you must be suffering from one hell of a hangover because this Asian beauty has been all over the news. Ok, Ok, maybe not all over the news but she certainly is a hot sport sensation with her fans.

Sabina Altynbekova Who Is This Sexy Hot Sport Babe

Sabina Altynbekova is the 18 year old member of Kazakhstan junior women’s national volleyball team. Apparently she became an Sexy Sabina AltynbekovaInternet sensation after travelling to Taiwan with her team for the 2014 Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship. Sabina is the pretty girl on the left. If I hadn’t said that would you have picked her as being the prettiest or sexiest of the bunch? As far as I’m concerned they’re all hot sports babes.

Anyway, it seems that the teams coach, Nurlan Sadikov has it in for poor sexy Sabina Altynbekova. It’s all to do with the fuss created by this latest hot sport babe sensation every time she goes on the court. The dumb coach thinks all the fuss is creating a distraction to the team.

“It is impossible to work like this,” Sadikov told Tengrin News. “The crowd behaves like there is only one player at the championship.”

Obviously this wanker has no idea about marketing. If anything Sabina Altynbekova is just what Kazakhstan and volleyball needs. Honestly, do you know of any coach or team who complain about such attention? Especially when Taiwanese fans arrive at least an hour early to games and “holding Kazakhstan flags and following her every move.”

Sabina Altynbekova Anime Hot Sport babe
Anime of the hot sport babe Sabina Altynbekova

Fans love her so much that Anime images of her are also now appearing on the net. What does Sabina Altynbekova think of all the attention? From what I’ve been reading, at first she though it was all pretty cool, as any young girl would. Now however she thinks it’s all a bit much and she doesn’t seem to be liking all the attention. If anything she wants to be know more for her volleyball prowess than for her beauty. She doesn’t seem to be liking all the social media attention and has even posted on Instagram letting fans know of other fake social media accounts.

Apparently her team finished 7th in 2014 Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship and spent a lot of time on the bench. Perhaps that wasn’t because of her volleyball prowess but more because of all the attention she was getting that her coach wasn’t at all happy about.

I found an interesting CBS Los Angeles article stating six things you need to know about Sabina Altynbekova. Apparently she’s not just a beautiful, sexy hot sport babe as she also has a brilliant mind. “Sabina’s mother told the Kazakhstan newspaper Vesti, the volleyball star went to a boarding school for gifted children and she hoped her daughter would attend law school instead of choosing a career in sports.” Shit woman, don’t say that. Why can’t she be a lawyer and a hot sports babe as well?

Is She Too Hot For Sports

I don’t know about you but in my honest opinion there isn’t a hot sports babe alive who is too hot to play. If anything we need more hot sports babes. The more attention sports get the more todays young will be encouraged to get out there and join their favourite sport.

Yeah, I know you’re waiting for my Sexy, Hot Sport Babe Collage of Sabina Altynbekova and I’m not going to disappoint you.

Sabina Altynbekova Hot Sport babe

Heck, I’ve even found a great video of Sabina Altynbekova, my latest hot sport babe.

You can actually thank Troy Swezey of Troy Swezey v2 who left a comment on my Sally Pearson Hot Sports Babe post hinting I should do a post on Sabina Altynbekova. You may want to wade in on his latest post about Sexual Double Standards. Having said that, if there’s a hot sports babe that you would like me to include just let me know in the comment section.

Sally Pearson Hot Sports Babe

I think it’s time for another Hot Sports Babe!. This particular hot sports babe actually featured in my last Bet Of The Week post.  I Sexy Sally Pearson Hot Sports Babesaid in that post that Sally Pearson was Hot Sports Babe material. I aslo said she was one hot athlete as well. I was so sure of her abilities that I backes her in the 100 metres hurdles that took place this morning. Yep, Sally Pearson Hot Sports Babe material. I actually watched her in action last night in the trials and she left the competition for dead. This made me a lot more comfortable for the outcome of the race. Unfortunately I missed the actual race because I was at work. Even so I knew she won though by checking my Sportingbet app. It was nice seeing my betting balance increase by what must have been an exciting win. Yep, another winning bet in my betting portfolio. I think I’m still behind but that’s cool, because I’m enjoying the added excitement  those bets are giving those sports events I actually do get the time to watch. OK, a little about our Sally Pearson Hot Sports Babe.

Sexy  Sally Pearson Hot Sports Babe

Sally Pearson is not only a Hot Sports Babe she is an Aussie Sports Champion. One of many. She is the 2011 World champion and 2012 Olympic champion in the 100 metres hurdles. She also won a silver medal in the 100 m hurdles at the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2013 World Championships. Wikipedia Born on September 19 1986, she’s married to Kieran Pearson and is now living in Queensland on the Goldcoast. Even with all the crap happening around Eric Hollingworth’s, the athletics coach, big mouth! This incredible sexy hot sports babe remained focus and proved to one and all that she was a gold medal contender. Sally Pearson hot sports babe In case you also missed out on her winning the 100 metre hurdle even I found this video on YouTube.