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Hottest Sports Babes In Glasgow? The Aussies

There are hot sports babes in every sport.  Perhaps not in an all male sport but then we would have hot sports babes fans who follow that sport. Or we could possibly have hot sports babes cheerleaders, Like I featured in the NFL Hot Sport Babes Cheerleaders post. Today I’m going to feature the Hottest Sports Babes in 2014 Commonwealth Games In Glasgow.

I would like to point out that these aren’t my picks either. Nope, these gals were deemed the Hottest Sports Babes at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games by the mens magazine FHM, as depicted in the Daily Mail. As it turns the top three hottest sports babes happen to be Aussies. So, without further ado I give to you the Top 3 Hottest Sports Babes of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Hottest Sports Babes Glasgow #1 

Hottest Sports Babes Anna Flanagan Hot Sports Babes

Anna Flanagan is our first hottest sports babes. Born on January 8th 1992 Anna is an Australian hockey player. She plays as a defender for the Hockeyroos and her forte is taking corner penalties. In 2013 she was actually named field hockey’s World Young Player of the Year. I’m sure her donning the kilt warmed the hearts of all the Scottish blokes but kilt or not I don’t think anyone would disagree in her Hottest Sports Babes nomination.

Hottest Sports Babes Glasgow #2

Hottest Sports Babes Genevieve LaCaze hot sport babes

From the hockey field we travel to the athletics arena to find our next Hottest Sports Babes. Genevieve LaCaze was born on the 4th August 1989. Although a Melbourne gal she also spends some time in California in the US and Teddington in the UK. You kind of have to wonder, as she was born and raised in Queensland, why she now lives in Melbourne. More opportunities perhaps? Whatever the reason I’m sure the Vics are quite happy to have this hot sports babes residing with them.

Hottest Sports Babes Glasgow #3

Hottest Sports Babes Melissa Breen hot sports babes

You’re going to find it pretty hard to catch our next hottest sports babe. Melissa Breen personal best time in the 100 metre event is 11.11 seconds. So you guys are going to have to put your running shoes on if you expect to catch this hottest sports babe. Born on the 17th September 1990 would make her the middle child in the hottest sports babes selection, Anna Flanagan being the youngest of the three.

Check out her speed in the following YouTube video

Ok, now it’s over to you to vote for your Hottest Sports Babe. Which of the three would you vote for in the Hottest Sports Babes Glasgow Commonwealth Games category?

Caroline Wozniacki Hot Sports Babes #5

Yep, this week I’m featuring Caroline Wozniacki as the Hot Sports Babes! I know, I know, another Tennis hot sport babe! ButCaroline Wozniacki hot sport babe what can I say, she is hot and she happens to play tennis.

Wikipedia has a pretty good profile on Caroline Wozniacki but I’ll give you a quick rundown. Caroline Wozniacki was born on 11th July 1990. That makes her only 24 years old and me old enough to be her father. I reckon that, and yeah the wife, puts her out of my league. Caroline Wozniacki turned pro on the 18th July 2005 when she was only 15! It took her 5 years from turning pro to reach the no1 ranking on 11th Oct 2010.

Danish born, like many tennis players she has mastered more than her own tongue. It amazes me how so many of these tennis stars happen to speak more than one language. Caroline Wozniacki is multilingual speaking English, Danish and Polish frequently.

At only 24 years of age I reckon she still has a fair few years of tennis still left in her. Good thing too, because I reckon there are so many of her fans who would hate to see her disappear into the limelight. She’s an amazing player to watch on the tennis court and that’s not only because she is an incredibly sexy hot sports babe.

Wikipedia has this to say of Caroline Wozniacki’s more recent efforts in 2014.

At the 2014 Aegon International she reached the semifinals with wins over Samantha Stosur, Sloane Stephens and Camila Giorgi before losing to the eventual finalist Angelique Kerber. Then Wozniacki competed at the 2014 Wimbledon Championships where she was 16th seed. It was the first time for her reaching the fourth round since 2011 after a straight set wins over Shahar Peer, Naomi Broady and Ana Konjuh. In the fourth round she lost to Barbora Zahlavova-Strycova.

Wozniacki’s first tournament following Wimbledon was the 2014 İstanbul Cup. In the first round she faced Swiss rising star Belinda Bencic annihilating her 6-0, 6-0. Her next two matches were against Karin Knapp and Karolina Pliskova respectively, both of whom Wonziacki beat in three sets. In the semifinals, Wozniacki defeated Kristina Mladenovic. She faced Roberta Vinci in the final, crushing her for a 6-1, 6-1 victory to secure the title, her first of the year and 22nd of her career.

What amazes me about a lot of these tennis stars is that they speak more than one language. Caroline Wozniacki is multilingual speaking English, Danish and Polish frequently.

Caroline Wozniacki EZ eSports Betting Hot Sports Babe

Caroline Wozniacki_Collage Hot Sports Babes

Finally, I managed to find a video of the very sexy Caroline Wozniacki as she not only talks about but shows off her hot sports babes body in the “This is me behind the scenes’ underwear shoot.

Caroline Wozniacki Underwear Collection This Is Me Shoot

Check out Caroline Wozniacki personal website.

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NFL Cheerleaders Hot Sports Babes #4

When it comes to Hot Sports Babes I don’t think anyone would questions that the hottest sports babes would have toHot Sport Babes Houston Cheerleaders In Action be cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are really big in America and this isn’t surprising in the least considering it originated there. The whole idea of cheerleading was to inspire their teams to win. What a bonus that it also inspired and thrilled the spectators. 🙂

It’s also not surprising that cheerleading actually became a sport in its own rite. However, when considering it as a sport I’m not referring to the sideline cheerleaders that we see at the NFL and basketball. As reported in Teen Ink their main aim is “to entertain the crowd and lead them with team cheers, which should not be considered a sport. On the other hand, competitive cheerleading is a sport.” Reckon I’ll leave competitive cheerleading hot sports babes for another post.

Actually, now that I mention it, according to my recollection the bring it on series of movies are probably one of the best ways to see some of the competitiveness involved in cheerleading as a sport. If you haven’t seen the movie yet then the Bring It On: Cheertastic 3-Movie Pack is for you.

But back to the sexy online sideline sports babes cheerleaders that we all know and love. I’ve put together a collage of Hot Sports Babes Cheerleader for you all to admire and drool over 😉

NFL Hot Sports Babes Cheerleaders

Hot Sports Babes NFL Cheerleaders

The hot sports cheerleading babes in the above image represent several NFL clubs. I’ll go through them all from top left in a clockwise direction.