Sharp Sports Betting A Book Review

Amazon Review Of Sharp Sports Betting

As I mentioned in the last book review, Changing The Game, I don’t have the resources or the time to physically purchase every book reviewed on this blog. Having said that, if you have a book you would like me to review I’ll be happy to do so ūüėČ This is why I purchased a tool that will pull customers straight from the¬†Amazons online store. While this post is about the paperback version you can save quite a few dollars by getting the¬†Sharp Sports Betting Kindle edition.

After reading some of the reviews I noticed that while Sharp Sports Betting is mainly about the NFL (America’s National Football League) the author does explain how the methods he talks about can be used on other sports.

What I did get from some of the reviews is that this book is not really meant for the sports betting experts. It’s probably more suited for the sports betting beginner who wants to learn all the ins and outs of sports betting.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m more into the fun side of sports betting. I usually will only bet on those sports that I know I’m going to watch as the small wagers I place help to increase the enjoyment factor of watching the game.

I know that there are some of you out there though that may want to take your sports betting a little further and I’ve often found the best way to do that is through the printed media. I still classify the Kindle version as “printed media” it’s just in another easy to read format. This allows you to take notes and is always at hand for easy reference.

OK, enough from me, let’s have a look at what actual customers think of the Sharp Sports Betting book.



Changing the Game: Profiting From Your Passion for Sports Betting

Changing The Game Review

As much as I would like to I can’t afford to buy all the sports betting guides out there so that I can write a personal review. It would be nice if the authors would send me a copy for review but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

What I have managed to do though is to purchase a tool that allows me to pull certain information straight from the Amazon site where these products resides. The only ones that I will actually post on this site are those that have a majority of positive reviews.

The one thing that I love about Amazon¬†is that they post all the reviews from customers, both good and bad. This allows future customers to purchase a product with a lot more confidence. I’ve personally purchased many products from them and I’ve never had any complaints.

For the first review I’ve chosen the book, Changing the Game. That¬†link will take you to the Kindle version. If you haven’t got a Kindle¬†its a great way to read books as well as having¬†heaps of other multi-media features. Not to mention that the Kindle version is always a lot cheaper than the printed version of a book.¬†But back to Changing The Game.

The author,¬†William O. Hall, III happens to be¬†a professional money manager and lifelong sports fan. He’s also an experienced Wall Street veteran ¬†specialising in simplifying investment solutions so they can be easily understood and implemented.¬†Having a unique ability to make money on the stock market he has applied his skill to making money by placing bets on sports.

Although his book refers to American sports I’m sure it can be applied to any of the world’s popular sports.

¬†It’s time now to let Amazon take over so we can have a deeper view at what Changing The Game is all about and what actual customers ¬†think of the book.