Biggest Multi Bet Wins

Some people are making serious money on sports betting. Others are losing serious money too. Someone told me the other day that someone he knew placed a $20,000 bet on Richmond to beat West Coast thinking it a sure thing. Unfortunately it wasn’t and he lost the bet. Don’t know if he was loaded or not, if he wasn’t someone should tell him about gambling responsibly. This thing is you can make big money without having to bet an arm and a leg and you do that with Multi Bets!

Biggest Multi Bet Wins

I did a bit of research and I’ve come up with some lucky punters who managed to win a sizeable amount without having to outlay a huge amount of money, I now give you some of the biggest Multi Bet wins I’ve been able to find.

  • HK of Victoria had a $22 bet on predicting 5 of the world’s great sporting events. That led to one of the biggest multi bet wins netting him a cool $52,000! Read all about it here! biggest multi bet wins
  • Our next biggest multi bet win is GM from Queensland. GM put a whole buck on a Ballarat ‘quaddie’ which won him $13,000! How cool was that? You can read about his bet here.
  • Our next biggest multi bet win is an absolute freak! JH bet 100 bucks on a two leg multi and won a whopping $262,000! Read all about what made his multi bet so freakish.
  • Our next biggest multi bet wins comes from SA. His $10 bet won him $23,527! GP’s effort wasn’t as freaky as JH’s multibet above, but it was still a pretty good effort because his was an 8 leg multi bet. Shit, I have enough trouble getting 4 right. Check out his 8 leg multi-bet.
  • The next biggest multi bet win is a $50 five leg multi bet that won $43,408. I’m sure JV of NSW was more than happy with the results of that lucky Multi-Bet. Read all about his multi bet selections.
  • AJ from Victoria turned his $2 multi bet into $10,640! How did he do it? This is how!

This is just a small selection of the biggest multi bet wins. All these particular bets were placed with Sportsbet, one of my favourite online sports book! This post just goes to show you don’t have to bet big to win big. Having luck on your side does make winning multi bets easier though. The thing with Multi Bets is it makes watching sports a whole lot more interesting!

Round 8 Footy Tips Results

I don’t know about you but I think that round 8 of this AFL season was a weird one. Some of the teams I was sure was going to win didn’t and obviously those teams that did win was a bit of surprise. Let’s have a look at the round 8 footy tips results.

Fortuna’s Round 8 Footy Tips Results

Fortuna round 8 footy tips results

As you can see from the image above Fortuna’s round 8 footy tips results was still pretty good. She only got three of her tips wrong. One was the Adelaide vs GWS Giants game. Even though I was hopeful that Adelaide would win it was always going to be a tough game. I know most people would have picked GWS but I figured Fortuna has something up her sleeve. The again, Fortuna doesn’t wear sleeves.  :tongue_out:

The second game was the Hawthorn vs Sydney game. Talk about upsets! I was sure that Hawthorne would have wiped the oval with Sydney but it turns out Sydney had different ideas. That’s the thing with sports betting, you can never really know how a game will turn out. That’s what makes responsible gambling so important.

Finally we have the Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs game. Again I’m sure most AFL fans would have picked the Western Bulldogs for their round 8 footy tips. Hopefully not too many of them would have placed money on that game, unless it was on Melbourne. That’s what makes responsible gambling so important.

Round 8 MultiBet Results

The problem with getting your footy tips wrong means it will probably screw with you MultiBet. Looking at my MultiBet for round 8 you’ll notice I got Adelaide, Hawthorne and Western Bulldogs wrong.

  • Geelong $1.23
  • West Coast $1.20
  • Adelaide $2.65
  • Hawthorn $1.50
  • Western Bulldogs $1.40
  • Richmond $3.50

Luckily my winning teams paid out $5.93. Add to that my cash out value of 79c brings my wins to $6.72, or a loss of $3.18. That’s why I like Multibet so much. Even when you lose you still come out with something. If I cashed out earlier my cash out value would have been close to $5 making it a winning bet. Unfortunately I was at work and someone started pissing me in my ear causing me to miss out.

MultiBet Cash Out Tip! You multi-bet cash out is higher if the team you’ve bet on is in front or closing the gap. You just have to love Sportsbet‘s MultiBet cash out feature.

How did you go with your round 8 footy tips?

Round 7 Footy Tips Results

How did you go with your round 7 footy tips results? Did you read Fortuna’s round 7 footy tips? If you didn’t you missed out because Fortuna did a bloody good job and 8 out of 9 in the AFL round 7 footy tips. You can see the results in the image below.

Round 7 Footy Tips Fortuna Gets 8 out of 9!

Round 7 Footy Tips Results

Luckily for me I used Fortuna’s round 7 footy tips for my MultiBet with Sportsbet. Once again you can see my Multi-Picks below.Multibet Win

  • Adelaide $1.19
  • GWS Giants $1.50
  • Sydney $1.26
  • Fremantle $1.26
  • Richmond $2.15

I’m so happy to say that this was my first ever Multi Bet win! And man, did it make those games so much more interesting. I probably wouldn’t even have watched half those games if they weren’t a part of my MultiBet!

cashing out on a multi betI have to admit though that out of the games listed above the Richmond vs Collingwood game was the one that had me the most worried. It had to be the most exciting game of round 7, probably because it was the last one in my Multi-Bet legs.

I know I had the Cash Out option available to me and I finally took that option at the end of the 1st half. One thing I did notice, because I checked it several times throughout the match, was that the cash out depended on the scores at the time. If Richmond was down so was the Cash Out value. If Richmond was up so was the amount of Cash Out available.

Naturally I chose to cash out when Richmond was up. You can see the results of Multibet Cash Out there on the right.

As you know Richmond showed Collingwood who was boss and I would have been better off not cashing out. But you know what? I don’t care, it could just as easily have gone the other way and I am more than happy with my Sportsbet Cash Out experience.

How did you go with your round 7 footy tips?