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Well, I think enough time has gone by since the last Sports Joke to allow me to post another one. Strangely enough, like the last joke this one is all about the sport of golf. What is more interesting is it’s about women who play golf who decide not to wear panties. 😉

Golf Joke About Female Golfers Who Don’t Wear Panties

No PantiesThe Swede’s wife steps up to the tee and, as she bends over to place her ball, a gust of wind blows her skirt up and reveals her lack of underwear.

‘Good God, woman! Why aren’t you wearing any skivvies?’, her husband demanded.

‘Well’ she said, ‘you don’t give me enough housekeeping money to afford any.’

The Swede immediately reaches into his pocket and says, ‘For the sake of decency, here’s a 50. Go and buy yourself some underwear..’

Next, the Irishman’s wife bends over to set her ball on the tee..Her skirt also blows up to show that she, too, is wearing no undies. ‘Blessed Virgin Mary, woman! You’ve no knickers. Why not?’

She replies, ‘I can’t afford any on the money you give me.’

Patrick reaches into his pocket and says, ‘For the sake of decency, here’s a 20. Go and buy yourself some underwear”!

Lastly, the Scotsman’s wife bends over. The wind also takes her skirt over her head to reveal that she, too, is naked under it.

‘Sweet mudder of Jaysus, Aggie! Where ta friggin hell are yer drawers?’

She too explains, ‘You dinna give me enough money ta be able ta affarrd any.’

The Scotsman reaches into his pocket and says, ‘Well, fer the love ‘o decency woman, here’s a comb…. Tidy yerself up a bit.

Sexy Golf Video Of Women Learning To Play Golf

Keeping with the golf joke them I found a video that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Finally, a not so well known fact about golfers and their sexual exploits with women 😉

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If you would like to have some fun with your golfing buddies you’ll probably be interested in these Trick Golf Balls Exploding, Mist, Wobble, Streamer.

Sports Jokes

Those who know me know that I love jokes. I love listening to them and I love telling them. The only problem with me telling jokes is that I usually laugh at my own jokes. They tell me that’s not a good thing to do. I don’t have a sports jokes video left but I have posted several jokes on YouTube. There’s actually a series of videos that I’ve posted called Laughaholics. The most popular so far of the series is the Blonde Jokes video which you see below.

I also post a series of weekly jokes on one of my other blogs called Friday Funnies.  Some of these posts are so popular they’ve received thousand of views!

It’s because I love jokes so much that I thought I would introduce a Sports Jokes category for this blog. Short or long the jokes that I’ll be posting on this blog will all be somewhat sports orientated.

Sports Jokes: Woman Learning How To Play Golf

A woman is learning how to golf. She has been teaching herself to play for more than three months and she is really bad. She decides to consult a golf pro. When she sees the golf pro, she explains how bad she is and he tells her to go ahead and hit the ball.

She does. The ball goes about 50 yards into the brush slicing to the right.

The golf pro says to the woman, “I can see that you have a lot of problems. Your stance is bad, your head is all over the place, and the worst thing is that grip.”

When she asks what can be done to fix the situation, he suggests, “Grab the club gently, as if you were grabbing your husband’s “club”. When the feeling is right, go ahead and swing.

“She does just that and the ball goes off the tee perfectly straight for about 275 yards.”

The golf pro says to the woman, “That is unbelievable, I didn’t think you would do that well. But now on to your next problem. How are we going to get that golf club out of your mouth?”

Talking about jokes, how about raising the eyebrows of your golfing buddies next time you go and tee off. A great way to do that would be to use some nice looking naked lady golf tees. I reckon that’s one way to get a naked ladies to hold your balls while playing golf 😉

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Something I’ve learned since starting this site is you can actually bet on golf games. Don’t laugh. It’s all I can do to keep myself from falling asleep while watching them play golf on TV. The golf games I loved watching are Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack. 😀

Sure hope you liked the first sports jokes post.