Floveme Smartwatch IP68 Review

A while back I did a review on the WTC L38 Smartwatch and since then I’ve bought the Floveme Smartwatch IP68 Review. Nothing wrong with the other sports smartwatch mind you. except that its got a few cracks from too many knocks at work  :bash: Note to self, a tempered glass screen protector is always a great idea to protect your valuable smartwatch.

best floveme smartwatch ip68 reviewFor my next smartwatch I wanted something that was more rugged. After a lot of research I decided on the Floveme Smartwatch!

Floveme Smartwatch IP68 Review

I want to be absolutely truthful with you, after opening the package I was somewhat disappointed with the Floveme Smartwatch IP68. Even though it was about the same price as the WTC L38 smartwatch, it just din’t look anywhere as near as good as the WTC L38.

Maybe I should have gone for the one like the image on the left instead of the solid black one.

The watchband looked like a cheap rubber watchband compared to the exquisite WTC one.

Don’t get me wrong though, it does have some good points. It does seem to be more rugged, although I wouldn’t be knocking the screen at all. It’s also supposed to be waterproof. I wore it in the shower the other day and I was happy to see that the water didn’t affect it at all.

floveme smartwatch ip68 review

The Floveme Smartwatch IP68 easily connected to my iPhone. I answered a call using the smartwatch whilst driving and noticed the volume was somewhat louder than the WTC L38. Unfortunately the sound on the smartwatch was out of sync with the iPhone and I found that really annoying when playing games etc.

I thought the compass was a pretty neat feature. Having said that I didn’t have anything to test the accuracy of the compass.

Of the two watches I feel the WTC is the better smartwatch by far. It has more features and can also be used as a really cool dress watch. If on the other hand you want a no frills smartwatch that is more rugged and waterproof then perhaps the Floveme Smartwatch is for you.

Smart Sports Watches & Smart Wristbands

After writing my post on how great my Fitbit Charge HR is, and because I’m now able to promote a whole heap of stuff on my Sports Store, I’ve decided to feature some of the pretty unique products you can find there. Knowing that not everyone wants to spend all that money on a Fitbit I’ve decided to take a look at some of the other smart sports watches and smart wristbands that are on the market.

Smart Sports Watches

Smart Sports WatchesI was really surprised how cheap some of those smart sports watches can be.

Take the Gt08 on the left for example. Looking at it you wouldn’t even think it was a smart sports watch. But it is! What is really surprising is that, and don’t ask me how it does it, it even acts as a remote for taking photos with your smartphone!

Some of the features this smart sports watch include, the camera, pedometer, alarm clock, stop watch and as well as other things, a sleep monitor. It’s really cool and you get all that for under $40!

Check out the video below to see how cool this watch really is.

Smart Wristbands

Smart wristbandFor those of you who aren’t looking for all the hype and want something more akin to the Fitbit Charge HR then I reckon the JW018 BT4.0 Smart Band Bracelet is more your speed.

This lovely smart wristband not only looks smart it does the job as well. Some of it’s features include.

  1. A heart rate monitor to track your heart rate during exercise
  2. All information is available on the bracelet including time, steps, heart rate, calories and status.
  3. Sleep mode
  4. Silent vibration reminders including any incoming calls. I love that my Fitbit shows me who is calling on my mobile and it looks like the Wukong JW018 Smart Band Bracelet has the same feature

Honestly though I wouldn’t make my decision before checking out all the Smart Sports Watches or Smart Wristbands.

For your Smart Sports watches go here.

For your Smart Wristband go here.

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If you were going to be in the market for a smart sports watch or smart wristband what one would you go for?