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I know how much you guys love my hot sports babes so today’s post is about Choi Seol Hwa, the sexiest ever baseball pitcher. Ok, Ok, she doesn’t play baseball, but she did pitch the ball at one of the games. She was such a knockout that fans flooded the internet with images of this beautiful Korean hot sports babe.

Choi Seol Hwa happens to be Korean, and in Korea, the family name comes first, so Choi is her surname thereby making Seol Hwa her Christian name. If pitching the first ball in a baseball isn’t enough to include her in the Hot Sports Babe Hall Of Fame then the fact that she won the 2016 Miss Muscle Mania Bikini title is. I’m sure the fact that she was a ballerina for some ten years has helped to sculpt here lithe, supple/flexible body.

You don’t have to take my word for it though, here are just a few images to show just how beautiful this hot sports babe is.

Choi Seol Hwa A Sexy Hot Sports Babe

Choi Seol Hwa hot sports babes 2

Choi Seol Hwa hot ports babe1

I’ve also put together a collage of our latest hot sports babes.

Choi Seol Hwa hot sports babes

I’ve also produced a little video of this hot Korean.

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