Crows vs Western Bulldogs Win To The Crows

Crows vs Western Bulldogs Results In A Crows Win

I reckon the Western Bulldogs were pretty miffed over the Crows win. I’m sure they’re thinking it would have been a different story if the Crows vs Western Bulldogs game was held at Etihad Stadium. But it wasn’t and the Adelaide Crows were triumphant.

For those who are interested Fox Footy has written a report card on the performance of the Crows vs Western Bulldogs game.

Personally, I would have scored Sloane better but I’m sure everyone will have different opinions on how individual players were scored.

The Advertiser reported that it was Eddie Best and Taylor Walker who lead the Crows home in this thrilling elimination final. While I agree they contributed a hell of a lot I like to think the Crows won because it was a team effort.

Having said that, there certainly were factors in that game that inspired the Crows to perform better. Like taylor Walkers huge kick, over 60 metres, which resulted in a goal. Or when Eddie Betts unselfishly passes the ball so his team mates could score a goal.

Crows Vs Western Bulldogs Results

Adelaide Crows vs Western Bulldogs Finals ResultsAs can be seen from the scores above, Adelaide lead in all four quarters. Considering the way the Bulldogs started I surprised that Adelaide got the lead in the first quarter. A far cry from the last time they met the Western Bulldogs. 

Even though I could relax a little after that first quarter, because of the Sportsbet special offer, I really wanted the Crows to win! I pretty well willed them to win in every quarter. And win they did. I even came up with my first ever animated gif to celebrate their win.

Crows Animated Gif
Considering it’s my first ever animated gif I’m pretty happy with the result. I normally don’t do stuff like this but I was a bit miffed at all the negative comments on FaceBook from some Port supporters who were willing the Crows to lose!

Well, it looks like the Crows supporters get the last laugh seeing as we’re still in the finals and they’re not.

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