Forget all the hype and bullshit! Take me straight to the EZ e Sports Store.

As you know I’m all about giving you guys great service as well as providing you with great content and unique products for a sports betting site. Popular categories include Hot Sports Babes, Sports Jokes, AFL Footy Tips and Sport News. I’ve also introduced some service unique to sports betting sites like Lottery Draws and a job seek service where you could possibly find the job you’ve always been looking for  :drunk:

sports store
One of the many products available at the Sports Store

Introducing The EZ  e Sports Store

Now I’ve gone and installed what I believe is the best service ever for an online sports betting site. A sports store where you can find heaps of sports orientated products. They include;

  • Sports & Action Video Cameras! Let’s face it not everyone can afford a Go Pro so this sports store offers a selection of sports and action video cameras priced as low as $44!
  • Cycling Eyewear: If you’re going to hit the streets on you racing or BMX bikes you may as well look the part right?
  • Smart Watches: These aren’t your normal watches. The smart watches include Fitbit type arm bands as well as Bluetooth enabled watches that also has a heart rate monitor. Naturally you should always make sure that the smart watch does what you want it to before buying it. You’ll be pleased to know that the prices of these smart watches are very affordable. You should also check out the smart wristbands.
  • Sports Watches: You should check these sports watches out. They are great looking and cheap to boot.
  • Casual Pants: May as well look great when going to the gym right. 😉 You might even want to grab some new Hoodies and Sweatshirts.
  • Binoculars, just what you need to get close up to all the action.

Of course there are heaps more stuff and I’ll be adding more as time goes on. I’m sure you’ll agree that the prices are really cheap and you’re bound to save heaps of money.