Fortuna Week 2 AFL Finals Tips 2015

Excitement is mounting as we head into week 2 of the AFL finals for 2015. Even though thousands of Crows will be heading over to Melbourne to watch the Hawthorn vs Crows battle at the MCG the Friday night game. Even so I reckon there will still be a lot of people playing hooky from work on that day.  😉

The other big game of the week is between Sydney and Nth Melbourne which will be held at the ANZ stadium.

Before having a look at Fortuna’s Week 2 AFL Finals tips I reckon we should check out my top three online sports betting sites that I recommend for your Week 2 AFL Finals bets.

Top Three Online Sports Betting Sites For AFL Finals

  1. I recommend Bet365 for their ease of use and because of their unique sliding scale feature for cashing out. The sliding cash out feature allows you to choose how much you want to cash out which is great when you’re not sure whether or not you want to cash out at all.
  2. Sportsbet is a favourite of many Aussie. They also have a cash out feature. Sportsbet offer a lot of sports betting deals and is home to the ever popular Million Dollar Tipping competition. This post shows how you can actually win as long as you get the closest margin!
  3. Formally SportingBet now William Hill is one of the most renowned online sports betting sites. I’m just hanging out for the day they introduce a cash out feature.

I’m a member of all three online sports betting sites and use them regularly for placing my sports bets online.

OK, now that you know who to use to place your sports bets online securely and safely lets check out Fortuna’s Week 2 AFL Finals tips.

Fortuna’s Week 2 AFL Finals Tips

Fortuna Week 2 AFL Finals tips

  • Sydney vs Nth. Melbourne
  • Hawthorn vs Adelaide

I don’t know about you but it looks to me as if Fortuna’s playing it safe with her Week 2 AFL Finals tips! Let’s have a look at those odds offered by my favourite online sports betting sites.

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AFL Teams

Nth. Melbourne





William Hill



I’m going against Fortuna’s Week 2 AFL Finals tips and I’m going with my heart and putting my money on the Crows to win. That being the case I’ve once again gone with Sportsbet for two reasons. The first is because they’re offering the best odds. The second is because they’re still running their special offer where as long as the Crows are leading in any one of the four quarters, up to $100, I will get my money back if they end up losing. That’s pretty bloody good if you ask me.

As always you can see proof of my online sports bet here.

I’ve also placed a $1 multi-bet with Bet365 and this time I did follow Fprtuna’s Week 2 AFL Finals tips. Sure it will only return $2.08, but that’s still better than a 100% return.  :drunk:

Over to you guys. How do you think week two of the AFL Finals will play out.

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