Fortuna’s AFL Footy Tips Round 5 2015

Those of you who are my regulars know that Fortuna is our Lady Luck Of Sports. I had a char with her the other day and we decided to put her talents to the test. Starting from today we’re going to run a weekly Fortuna’s AFL Footy Tips. Too bad I didn’t think to have this chat with Fortuna earlier. Not to worry, starting on round five is better than hot having a Fortuna’s AFL Footy Tips at all.

Fortuna’s AFL Footy Tips 2015 Round 5

Fortuna's AFL Footy Tips round 5 2015

  • Collingwod
  • Richmond 
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Hawthorn
  • West Coast
  • Fremantle
  • Essendon
  • Adelaide

You’re probably wondering why three of the round 5 2015 AFL Footy Tips are red. It’s because no matter how much I argued with Fortuna about her picks she would not budge. Typical bloody woman.  :tongue_out:

OK, now that we have that out of the way I thought I may as well put Fortuna’s AFL Footy Tips to good use by placing a MultiBet with Sportsbet

Placing a MultiBet with Sportsbet is so easy when using their SportsBet App. All I had to do was to tap each of the teams that I wanted to put a bet on. That put them into my Bet Slip. Once I made my selection I placed a dollar on each of the six teams I chose to back. Keeping with my responsible gambling promise of not betting more than $10 a week that left me four bucks. I clicked on the section that combined all 6 bets into a MultiBet and used the remaining $4 as my MultiBet.

The teams I backed, and their odds, for my MultiBet were;

  • Sydney: 1.16
  • Hawthorn: 1.35
  • West Coast: 1.64
  • Fremantle: 1.19
  • Essendon: 1.16
  • Adelaide: 2.30 Yeah, It will be close but I really think Adelaide can win Showdown 38.

By using the formula I wrote about in my What Is A MultiBet post my MultiBet odds for that bet is $8.08. If all MultiBet teams win I’ll win $8.15 x 4 = $32.61. Adding the individual winning bets of $8.80 will bring my total winnings to $41.41

The question now is whether or not I will use SportsBet Cash Out feature before Showdown 38  :thinkin:

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