Melbourne Cup Hot Sport Babes #17

Melbourne Cup hot Sport Babes

Not all women are hot sports babes.Unbelievable as it may seem a lot of women simply hate sports.  :pull_hair:  It’s true. But there are times when even women who hate sports become hot sports babes, even it its for a fleeting moment. We saw a glimpse of those hot sports babes in our Yorkshire Ebor Festival post. Today they will come out in all force in this, my Melbourne Cup Hot Sport Babes post.

So, what makes our sports hating female change their spots.It’s all in the name of fashion. Yep, sorry guys but it’s that seven letter word that most hardcore Aussie males know nothing about. Sadly the Melbourne Cup Fashions is a historical thing. If you’re interested you can get a glimpse of the history of the Melbourne Cup fashions.

Todays hot sports babes is going to be a little different than the norm in it won’t have a hot sports babe collage. This is because there are just way too many Melbourne Cup Hot Sport Babes for me to make a collage. Most of the ones that I’ve picked for you are celebrities that many of you may be familiar with.,

Melbourne Cup Hot Sport Babes

Like Kate Upton, the American model and actress. OK guy’s when it comes to the Melbourne Cup it’s all to do with the hat, so leave the cleavage alone. I know, I know, it’s not easy but a bloke has to do what a bloke has to do. Yep, we stare at the cleavage  :tongue_out:

Kate Upton Melbourne Cup Hot Sport Babes

 Our next Melbourne Cup Hot Sport Babes is Sophie Monk the English born but now Aussie singer, actress and model. Yep, we sure scored with this little filly. 😉

Sophie Monk Melbourne Cup Hot Sport Babes

How about an Aussie recording artist for our next Melbourne Cup hot sports babe, the ever lovely Tamara Jaber.

Melboune cup hot sports babe tamara jaber Come on guys, eyes up fellas, the Melbourne cup is all about the hat. :hey_you: THE HAT boys, not the cleavage. Sheesh, how many times do I have to tell you guys.

I reckon we should inject some real beauty for the next Melbourne Cup Hot Sport Babes. This particular Melbourne Cup filly is Laura Dundovic who just happened to win Miss Universe Australia 2008. Look, you even get a look at the Melbourne Cup itself. Sort of makes you wonder what all the fuss is about doesn’t it. Oh, yeah, that’s right, the fashion.

hot sports babes Laura Dundovic Melbourne Cup hot sports babes

Have you ever seen a peacock before? It’s one of God’s beautiful creations. Our next Melbourne Cup Hot Sports Babe is none other than Brynne Gordon, former fitness instructor turned socialite, actress and television actress. She is stunning and the hat is kind of out there too,

Brynne Gordon hot sports babe melbourne cup

Sharlene Marie Zeta Robinson, better known as Charli Robinson. Aussie singer, actress, radio presenter and now Melbourne Cup Hot Sport Babes. A bit of a knockout wouldn’t you agree?

Charli Robinson hot sport babe melbourne cup

Next is Coco Rocha, a supermodel from Canada. Looking at how she is presenting herself this Melbourne Cup Hot Sports Babes has supermodel written all over her.

coco rocha hot sports babe melbourne cup

Dita Von Teese is an American burlesque dancer, model and costume designer. Looking at the image below I’d say her outfit has a certain burlesque flair about it, wouldn’t you agree?

Dita Von Teese hot sport babe melbourne cup

Next is Jodi Gordon, another Aussie actress and model. I have to admit, she is pretty damn hot. I’ll have her as a hot sports babe any day.

Hot sports babe jodi-gordon-melbourne cup

For the next Melbourne Cup hot sports babe I’m going to trot out Louise Roe, the English television presenter, model, and fashion journalist. Not much of a Melbourne Cup hat but she does carry it well.

hot sports babe Louise Roe melbourne cup

Isn’t the following Melbourne Hot Sports babe a real honey? She’s none other than Rachael Finch, an Australian beauty pageant titleholder and television reporter.

hots sports babe Rachael Finch melbourne cup

Most Aussies would recognise our next hot sports babe. Of course it Jennifer Hawkins who has a lot of titles under her cute hat, including Miss Universe Australia. Eyes up fellas.  :oh_no:

Jennifer Hawkins hot sport babe melbourne cup

Rachael Finch is an Australian beauty pageant titleholder and television reporter. Yeah, it does seem we have a few of these, doesn’t it.

Rachael Finch hot sports babe melbourne cup

Finally we have Ruby Rose, Aussie model, D.J., Television presenter and recording artist. Hey Ruby, sorry babe but you look a little naked without the Melbourne Cup hat? 😉 Still looking hot though babe, so welcome to the hot sports babe club.

Ruby Rose hot sport babe melbourne cup

That’s it guys. I sure hope you like this weeks hot sports babe post? If you did don’t forget to share it with social circle mates.

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