Michelle Jenneke Hot Sports Babes #30

Michelle Jenneke Hot Sport BabesAfter that last losing sports bet I’ve decided to cheer myself up with another hot sports babes post. I’m going to dedicate todays post to s really sexy Aussie hot sport babe, Michelle Jenneke!

Hot Aussie Michelle Jenneke

You will notice from the images of Michelle Jenneke in this post that she has every right to be featured in our Hot Sports Babes hall of fame!

So, who exactly is this particular hot sport babe? Michelle Jenneke is an Australian hurdler and model. Isn’t it surprising how many hot sports babes turn out to be models!  :thinkin: Anyway, Wikipedia has a pretty good bio on Michelle Jenneke including the fact that she was born on 23rd June 1993.

Being as hot as she is I’m sure that Michelle has always had her admirers. There was something though that brought our sexy Aussie hot sports babes to the worlds attention and it wasn’t her hurdling prowess. 😉

Nope, you see this little vixen performed one of the sexiest warmup dances ever seen at a hurdles competition!

Michelle Jenneke Sexy Warmup Dance Junior World Championships Barcelona 2012

You know what I saw from watching her sexy little dance? Here is a young woman who absolutely loves what she’s doing. A woman that’s obviously enjoying herself and is confident enough to show the world. After reading some of the comments left on that video I’ve also discovered there are a lot of stupid, nasty and jealous people out there.  :thumb_down:

Unlike some of our other hot sports babe Michelle is quite active on some of her social media sites, like her FaceBook Fan Page. Speaking of which here is one of the photos she’s posted of herself.

sexy michelle Jenneke hot sports babes

Then there is her Instagram account, where I found this image of her. She scrubs up pretty well doesn’t she? Always with that killer smile too!

hot sports babe Michelle Jenneke

Finally I’ve put together a nice little collage of Michelle Jenneke our latest hot sports babe.

Hot Sport Babes Michelle jenneke

Over to you now and don’t forget to share our latest hot sports babe with your friends.

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