My Melbourne Cup Tips

OK, if you’ve been following me you know I know sweet FA about horses and so I don’t expect anyone to take any notice of my Melbourne Cup tips. I know that revelation will probably hurt the ‘expertise’ standing of this site but then I’ve never meant to suck people in. I’ve always said I was a newbie at sport betting, but I am learning and I’m sharing that learning experience with the rest of you.

Melbourne Cup Tips For Picking The Winning Horse

I reckon the reason I’ve never followed the horses is because there is so much to take into consideration when it comes to pick the winning horse. Obviously you need to know the horse and jockey but there other things you have to consider, things like the weather. Take Fame Game, the Melbourne Cup favourite. Apparently its well know that Fame Game loves a firm ground and the few showers over the last couple of days have caused punters to reconsider there Melbourne Cup tips, shying away from Fame Game. Which is good for those betting on Fame Game as the odds aren’t falling as much as they could have been. At the time of writing this post William Hill‘s odd for Fame Game was $5.75 for a win and 2.25 for a place.

Trainers also have a lot of influence when it comes to working out your Melbourne Cup tips. Having the right trainer is one of the reason why quite a few punters are tipping Our Ivanhowe​​. William Hill is offering $20 for a win and $5.80 for a place. While Our Ivanhoe​’s trainer, Lee Freedman, has five Cup winners under his belt which is a long way from Bart Cummings 12 it’s still a pretty good run.

Punters sometime take other things into consideration when coming up with their Melbourne Cup Tips. For some the Barrier Factor is very important. Barrier 18 has rarely had a winner so that would be an important consideration. Check this site for the Melbourne Cup 2015 Barrier Draw.

Another factor to consider is the sex of the horse. Stallions have won more Melbourne Cups so the sex of the horse could well tip the scales when it comes to choosing the Melbourne Cup Tips for some punters.

Other things to consider would be the Jockey weight, length of the track and some people even go so far as looking at the colour of the horse and even the jockey silks. Shit, as if thing weren’t complicated enough as it is.

No wonder I could never get into the horse racing thing. Luckily the Melbourne cup only comes around once a year.Our Ivanhowe Melbourne Cup tips

As for my Melbourne Cup tip. I’m putting my money on Our Ivanhowe. I’ve gone with William Hill for my bet and I’ve put $5 each way on Our Ivanhowe. Who are you backing for the 2015 Melbourne Cup?

Melbourne Cup 2015 Results

Edit: Ok, so the Melbourne Cup 2015 is over and as you can see from the Melbourne Cup 2015 results Our Ivanhowe came tenth so that means that I blew my ten bucks. Still, shit like that happens when you bet on the horses, right?

1. Prince of Penzance

2. Max Dynamite

3. Criterion

4. Trip to Paris

5. Big Orange

6. Gust of Wind

7. Excess Knowledge

8. The Offer

9. Quest for More

10. Our Ivanhowe

11. Who Shot Thebarman

12. Sertorius

13. Fame Game

14. The United States

15. Hartnell

16. Bondi Beach

17. Hokko Brave

18. Almoonqith

19. Kingfisher

20. Preferment

21. Grand Marshal

22. Sky Hunter

23. Snow Sky

Did not finish: Red Cadeaux

So, how did you go? I hope you did well on this years Melbourne Cup.


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