AFL Round 12 Results 2019

With round 12 over and done it’s time to examine my AFL round 12 results 2019.

AFL Round 12 Results 2019 Acceptable

AFL round 12 results 2019

All in all, I’m pleased to get four tips right in the AFL round 12 results 2019. The only thing that gets my goat is the Carlton vs Brisbane game. Who would the hell have thought that Carlton would win that game? Well, the Brisbane coach hinted at it. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t tip them and being the second team in my multi-pick, that was another losing bet for me.

AFL Final Scores Round 12

Richmond 5-7 [37]Geelong 16-8 [104]
Carlton 11-12 [78]Brisbane 9-9 [63]
Gold Coast 11-6 [72]Nth. Melbourne 14-15 [99]
Adelaide Crows 12-10 [82]GWS Giants 9-7 [61]
Sydney 18-8 [116]West Coast 10-11 [71]
Collingwood 15-8 [98]Melbourne 7-15 [57]

For me the highlight of round 12 was the Crows defeating GWS Giants, I know a lot of folks out there didn’t think the Crows could win, but I had faith in them, and thankfully the Crows came through.

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AFL Round 12 Tips 2019

For the last two weeks, I’ve got six correct picks. I was hoping to netter with my round 11 tips, but at least I didn’t do any worse. Here’s hoping that I do better with my AFL round 12 tips 2019.

I’m sad to say that we’re halfway through the season, so we only have half a season to go. Man, that went by quickly didn’t it? Oh well, let’s hope that the last half of the 2019 AFL season is an exciting one, As, we’re midway through the season we start the first of the bye weeks which means there are only six games.

AFL Round 12 Tips 2019 Go The Crows

AFL Round 12 Tips 2019
  • Richmond vs Geelong (MCG) [16]
  • Carlton vs Brisbane (Marvel) [27]
  • Gold Coast vs Nth Melbourne (Metricon) [33]
  • Adelaide Crows vs GWS Giants (Adelaide) [5]
  • Sydney vs West Coast (SCG) [19]
  • Collingwood vs Melbourne (MCG) [12]

Even though there are only six games this week, and although I’ve yet to win anything, I’m still going with a 6-way multi-bet. The only game I’m a bit doubtful about is the Adelaide Crows vs GWS Giants game. I’m hoping because it’s a home game they’ll pull out all the stops and play well.

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