AFL Round 13 Results 2019

As another round of footy goes by it’s time to check my AFL round 13 results 2019.

AFL Round 13 Results 2019 An Improvement

AFL round 13 results 2019

As you can see from the round 13 results, I managed to get five of the six tips correct. That’s one better than my round 12 results. There was one disappointing result for me, that was the Port Adelaide vs Fremantle game. I was so sure that Port Adelaide would come back that I didn’t cash in my multi-bet. If they had won that game like I thought they would, I would have a perfect round and a winning bet to boot. Even TheRoar predicted a Port Adelaide win.

Oh well, shit happens. Time to check out the round 13 scores.

AFL Final Scores Round 13

Adelaide Crows 15-11 [101] Richmond 9-14 [68]
Essendon 14-12 [96]Hawthorn 11-11 [77]
Gold Coast 11-10 [76]St. Kilda 11-14 [80]
Fremantle 15-10 [100]Port Adelaide 12-7 [79]
Carlton 15-10 [100]Wstn. Bulldogs 15-13 [103]
Nth. Melbourne 10-8 [68]GWS Giants 14-7 [91]

Yep, five out of six is a good result but the highlight of round 13 was the Crows beating Richmond. Always a good week when the Crows win. 😀

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AFL Round 13 Tips 2019

It’s the second week of the byes and It’s time for my AFL round 13 tips 2019. Let’s hope that my AFL round 13 tips is an improvement on my round 12 tips.

AFL Round 13 Tips 2019 Bye 2

AFL round 13 tips 2019
  • Adelaide Crows vs Richmond (Adelaide) [21]
  • Essendon vs Hawthorn (Marvel) [9]
  • Gold Coast vs St. Kilda (Riverway) [11]
  • Fremantle vs Port Adelaide (Optus) [5]
  • Carlton vs Wstn. Bulldogs (Marvel) [18]
  • Nth. Melbourne vs GWS Giants (Blundstone) [15]

I’ve still haven’t won my multi-bet yet but I’m not one to give up.

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AFL Round 12 Results 2019

With round 12 over and done it’s time to examine my AFL round 12 results 2019.

AFL Round 12 Results 2019 Acceptable

AFL round 12 results 2019

All in all, I’m pleased to get four tips right in the AFL round 12 results 2019. The only thing that gets my goat is the Carlton vs Brisbane game. Who would the hell have thought that Carlton would win that game? Well, the Brisbane coach hinted at it. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t tip them and being the second team in my multi-pick, that was another losing bet for me.

AFL Final Scores Round 12

Richmond 5-7 [37]Geelong 16-8 [104]
Carlton 11-12 [78]Brisbane 9-9 [63]
Gold Coast 11-6 [72]Nth. Melbourne 14-15 [99]
Adelaide Crows 12-10 [82]GWS Giants 9-7 [61]
Sydney 18-8 [116]West Coast 10-11 [71]
Collingwood 15-8 [98]Melbourne 7-15 [57]

For me the highlight of round 12 was the Crows defeating GWS Giants, I know a lot of folks out there didn’t think the Crows could win, but I had faith in them, and thankfully the Crows came through.

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