Promote Online Sports Betting?

promote online sports bettingI’ve decided to write this post for those of you who are wondering why promote online sports betting, especially because of stories of problem gamblers such as Marcus Bohman. From day one when I published my disclosure page I wanted readers to know that I was hoping to make money from this blog.

Naturally, the only way I could make money would be if people signed up with one of the online sports betting sites I promote, specifically my top three.

  1. William Hill
  2. Sportsbet
  3. Bet365

Right from the beginning I was aware that problem gamblers existed. That why I wrote the responsible gambling post. That’s also why I constantly link to it from within my posts.

Why Promote Online Sports Betting My Reasons

So while the main reason I promote online sports betting is to make money I also want to show people how to gamble responsibly by leading by example. I have set certain rules for myself when it comes to sports betting and I adhere to those rules and sports betting limits. Every time I place an online sports bet I post proof of those bets. That way my readers can see that I am actually sticking to those rules.

Online Sports Betting Is Not Fun

Online sports betting is not growing in popularity because people enjoy betting online. Nope, the reason it’s so popular is because it makes betting on your favourite sports so easily. That’s why I got into it in the first place. If you’re one of my regular readers you’ve probably guessed by now that I love my AFL, especially the Crows. My problem is that I’m not all that interested in the other teams. That’s where my love for online sports betting comes in.

Online Sports Betting Boosts Excitement

Like I said I limit myself to one online sports bet per week. On the rare occasions I have place more than one bet it’s when I have a winning bet. So, what I do is I pick the one game, or several games when placing a multi-bet, that I feel offers the best odds, as well as chance of winning. That small bet increases the excitement of watching those games, because I have a small stake on them.

Punters Beware The Odds Are Against You

Lets face facts, whilst there are some lucky punters out there who do win big, the vast majority of them lose. If this wasn’t the case online sports betting sites would all go broke. They certainly wouldn’t have the capital to spend millions on advertising.

My Advice is don’t get into online sports betting for the purpose of making money. Do what I do and use sports betting to make your sports watching more exciting. Never bet more than you can afford to lose so above all, bet safely. Do this and you will enjoy your online sports betting activity. Develops safe online sports betting habits and stick to them.

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