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Aussies are all about hanging out with your mates. Mates look out for each other. They certainly don’t let their mates do stupid things like gambling irresponsibly! Sportsbet know all about how important having mates around. Thats why they’ve introduced a new Punters Club product.

Sportsbet Punters Club

Sportsbet punters club

Just in case you didn’t know, Sportsbet’s Punters Club allows you and your mates to take turns placing bets and share in the winnings through a joint Sportsbet account. Not that you’re mates would rip you off but it can be a pain in the ass to divvy up the winnings. Sportsbet’s Punters Club does all the hard stuff for you! Like fairly dividing the payouts and organising the shot callers to place their bets, making it easy for all your mates to get involved. 

You can kick off a Punters Club in four easy steps:

  • Naturally the first thing you need to do to join Sportsbet. You can do so by clicking HERE, earning you a $150 bonus bet! Once you’ve done that just click on the Punters Club tab as you can see in the image below.
    join sportsbet punters club
  • Then you set the rules for everyone to follow, like how much and how often you bet
  • Next you invite your mates by sending them a unique invite code
  • Once they’ve joined, you can activate your club and start betting

The video below show just how easy it is to have a go at the Sportsbet Punter Club.

The Punters Club would be perfect for stuff like the  Big Bash, not to mention the upcoming Australian Open!

And lets not forget the Sportsbet Cash Card which makes getting access to your winnings so much easier. For those of you who love to bet on the soccer they’ve got a Soccer Multi Special. All you need do is place a 4= leg Multi on the top Euro leagues, EPL or A-League and if one leg fails you get CASH BACK up to $100! If you’ve been following my posts you know how much I love taking advantage of any Cash Back offers they’re willing to hand out!

Finally, I’ve noticed they’ve updated their Sportsbet app! Its now even better. If you haven’t tried placing a bet using an app you should give it a go. So much easier than having to login to any sports betting site’s webpage.

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