Round 11 AFL Footy Tips

A the 2015 AFL season moves towards round 11 we come to our first bye round. That means we only have 6 games to look at from a betting point of view! I’m sure we all agree that football is a gruelling game. You can see how stuffed the players are at the end of some of the games and so byes are necessary to give the boys a break.

This weeks byes include Adelaide Crows, Richmond, Western Bulldogs, Brisbane Lions, Carlton and Hawthorn. Now lets look at Fortuna’s round 11 AFL Footy Tips.

Fortuna’s Round 11 AFL Footy Tips

Fortuna round 11 afl footy tips

  • Port Adelaide vs Geelong
  • Gold Coast vs Fremantle
  • West Coast vs Essendon
  • Nth. Melbourne vs Sydney
  • Collingwood vs GWS Giants
  • St. Kilda vs Melbourne

As always I’ll be using Fortuna’s round 11 AFL footy tips to place my next AFL Multi-Bet. As promised in my round 10 post I’ll be using Bet365 for this weeks multi-bet.

How To Place A Multi-Bet on Bet365

I have to admit it took me a little while to work out how to place a multi-bet on bet365 because they don’t actually call it a Multi Bet. Once I worked it out though it was a cinch.

As with Sportsbet and William Hill you simply click on the teams you’re going to bet on to create your ‘Bet Slip’. You then click on your Bet Slip. Below your bets you’ll notice a ‘Multiple Options’ tab. That only appears if you’ve bet on more than one game or sport. Click on that.

bet365 multi-bet

That opens up some more selections that you can see on the left side of the image above. As I selected four teams for my multi-bet my the ‘4 Folds’ turned out to be the selection for my multi-bet. If I had chosen 5 teams a ‘5 Fold’ option would have appeared and I would select that. If I only picked three teams I would select ‘Trebles’. I clicked on the ‘Stakes’ tab to place my bet.

Clicking on the actual ‘4 Folds’ link on the left brings up the middle part of the image above. That shows my stake, odds and how much I would win if my selections were correct. Bet365 also use the same formula as I wrote in this post to work out their odds.

The last part of the image on the right shows my actual bet. Yep, I actually place real bets to show you how its all done.

I noticed that Bet365 didn’t require me to actually place bets on the individual matches. I thought this was unique to them but after checking Sportsbet I found it also applied to them. This is cool because it allows me to place the full $10 wager on the multibet. The good thing is that means for a big win if the bet pans out. The bad thing is if it doesn’t I lose the total bet. While using the other system allows for a smaller win it also means you don’t lose as much if the multibet fails.

Oh, something else I’ve found out is that Bet365 also has a Cash Out feature, Can’t wait to try that out,

Stay tuned for an up and coming post that will rate the rate the different MultiBet features of the different online sports books.

Don’t be shy, why not share your round 11 AFL footy tips in the comments below.

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