Round 14 Footy Tips Results

Unfortunately round 14 was marred by the death of Phil Walsh on Friday. It was a sad, sad day and all I could do was to put together a small tribute for Phil Walsh. Those of you who backed the Crows would know that the online bookies voided that bet and returned all monies.

As far as the round 14 footy tips results goes, Fortuna did pretty well getting 6 out of the eight right. The Adelaide vs Geelong match being cancelled because of the death of Phil Walsh.

AFL Round 14 Footy Tips Results

round 14 footy tips results
What was really surprising was not the Gold Coast beat North Melbourne. Nope it wasn’t even the fact that St. Kilda beat Essendon. Nope, what was really surprising was how much Essendon and North Melbourne lost by. Especially Essendon losing by a whopping 110 points.

There would be some out there that are prediction James Hird’s number is almost up as Essendon’s coach. Shit, even James Hird himself says the pressure is now on him because of Essendon’s 110 point loss.

Unfortunately for my round 14 Mult-Bet I picked Essendon to beat St. Kilda. I know I would have been better off picking one of the other games but the Essendon St. Kilda match had the better odds. I figured if some of those big multi-bet winners could win it big then surely I could do it with the Essendon vs St. Kilda game. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

Something else that I’ve been doing is placing a bet on my Sportsbet Multi-Bet as part of the Million Dollar Tipping competition. I only put a dollar on it. I figured I could easily afford to lose a buck  😉 I managed to get 7 out of 9 right which just wasn’t good enough.

Being part of the Million Dollar Tipping crew I get notified of the results. Like they guys at Sportsbet said; “A tough round for tipsters with a couple of big upsets. We had 2 winners tip 9 out of 9* and guess the exact margin. Congratulations to Howzyaform and karls80, who will each be taking home $5,000 cash.

Hopefully I can share in one of those Million Dollar Tipping rounds. Why don’t you have a go at the Million Dollar Tipping Competition?

million dollar tipping

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