Round 23 Footy Tips Results

Fortuna’s Round 23 Footy Tips Results

round 23 footy tips results

Man, I thought Brutus looked upset with last weeks footy tips results but take a look at Sasquatch above, does he look pissed or what. Can’t blame him as some would say that 5 out of 9 is a pretty poor result. Sure it’s not the best result and the round 23 footy tips results would have to be Fortuna’s worst yet, but it could have been worse.  Some of those results were pretty unexpected!

Take the Geelong vs Adelaide Crows game. I was so sure that the Crows would win that game that I made it the first leg of my Bet365 Multi-Bet! Luckily for me I was working and so didn’t watch the Crows poor performance. According to my son who did watch the game it was a poor performance. Especially after their brilliant game against West Coast Eagles the week before.

You can read a full history of the Crows in Finals, the last one being in 2012. While I’m happy they managed to secure a spot in the Finals I’m not all that confident they will do well. Having said that I sure as hell hope they prove me wrong.

Then there was the Western Bulldogs and Brisbane Lions game! How in hell did the Bulldogs let the Lions beat them. Who knows, maybe they didn’t want the Lions to get the better draft picks as wooden spooners preferring it to go to Carlton. Western Bulldogs started off well but let an impressive lead to be chipped away by a team that wanted the win more than they did.

As for the last of the round 23 footy tips results they were also part of my multi-bet and I was surprised that they didn’t pan out. Surprisingly enough that was the first time I got every leg of my multi-bet wrong! Oh well, they can only get better from here right.  😎

I posted the AFL ladder on my FaceBook Page so you can see the final standings leading up to the finals this week.

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