Round 9 Footy Tips Results

I’m sure you will agree that getting those footy tips right isn’t easy. Fortuna’s round 9 footy tips results just goes to prove my points. Even so I think that Fortuna’s round 9 footy tips results was pretty good, considering as how she managed to get 6 out of the 9 right.

Fortuna’s Round 9 Footy Tips Results

Round 9 footy tips results
The game that really pissed me off was the Western Bulldogs vs GWS Giants. I really thought they would win that game which is why I included it as part of my Sportsbet MultiBet. I never expected them to thump the crap out of the GWS Giants. Of all the times they had to remember how to play football again it had to be then.  :loser:  I forgot to check the game so I didn’t even have the opportunity to use Sportsbet cash out feature. Not that it would have done much good because the thumping started right from the beginning.

The one game that I did get to see and thoroughly enjoy was the Crows vs Fremantle game. I never expected the Crows to win but I sure as hell didn’t expect them to have Fremantle by the throat for the whole game. Talk about an exciting game. No other AFL team has been able to get so close to beating Fremantle so far this season. If they can continue to play this kind of Football they could be a real AFL Finals contender. Shit, I’m starting to sound like a Port Power supporter.  :tongue_out: Speaking of Port Power, did you read my Port Power Fans Bag Port Power post. The video at the end of that post is a killer.

Even though I lost my MultiBet the beauty about MultiBet is that as long as you get some of the teams right it’s not a total loss. Three of my teams managed to win which still netted me $3.29. Probably my worst MultiBet to date but it still minimises my loss. Yep, you just have to love MultBets. I sure hope your round 9 footy tips results were better than our results. As far as MultiBets go, hopefully I’ll do better next week.

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