Sideshow Bob Kills Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson is about to be murdered! It’s true! Sideshow Bob is finally going to kill Bart Simpson! I read about it in Even Wikipedia has been updated to show that Sideshow kills Bart Simpson in the upcoming Treehouse Of Horror series sometime around Halloween.

Yes, SideShow Bob kills Bart Simpson, the question is how will he do the dirty deed? You may be asking what this all has to do with sport? Nothing at all, but, I’ve just found out that Sportsbet is offering odds on some of the possible ways that Sideshow Bob kills Bart Simpson.

How Sideshow Bob Kills Bart Simpson? Let’s Count The Ways

All in all there are 19 possible ways in which Sideshow Bob kills Bart Simpson. They include;

  1. Poisoned food or drink 7.00
  2. Run over by car 8.00
  3. Pushed off a tree 8.50
  4. Shot with a gun 9.00
  5. Pushed out of a window 9.00
  6. Pushed off a cliff 9.00
  7. Beaten to death 11.00
  8. Stabbed 11.00
  9. Hit in the face with a rake 13.00
  10. Drowned in a fishbowl 15.00
  11. Eaten by piranhas 16.00
  12. Drowned in a river 17.00
  13. Radiation poisoning 17.00
  14. Electrocution 17.00
  15. Pushed off a boat 21.00
  16. Dropped from a trapeze 21.00
  17. Fired from a cannon 26.00
  18. Crushed by a piano 34.00
  19. Trampled by an elephant 34.00

sideshow bob kills bart simpsonThere have been many episodes where Sideshow Bob attempts to kill Bart Simpson. But every time his attempts lead to failure. I reckon that deep down many of us secretly wish that Sideshow Bob actually does kill Bart Simpson.

The question is, and this is where the fun part comes in, how will Sideshow Bob finally murder Bart Simpson? You can get to decide and if you get it right,as long as you put some money on it, you can win some money. Cool huh? Not only do can you get the satisfaction of being right, you also get to pocket some money!

The odds are pretty good too. The question is which of the methods will Sideshow Bob use to murder Bart Simpson. Being an animated series even the most outrageous can be quite plausible. Personally I would really like to see Sideshow Bob drown Bart Simpson in a fishbowl. You have to admit, that would have to be one heck of a fishbowl right? 😉

Although I couldn’t find this on my Sportsbet app, you can place your bet on how Sideshow Bob kills bart Simpson by clicking HERE!

The only betting rules I could find is the following, “Singles Only. Applies to the 2015 Halloween special short featuring the death of Bart Simpson at the hands of Sideshow Bob. Paddy Power decision final in settlement. Others on request.”

Sideshow Bob Kills Bart Simpson How?


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  1. Troy

    So I wonder, and perhaps this is a silly question, does this mean the television show The Simpsons is going to end? Can it go on without Bart Simpson?

    1. No, they’re just going to kill him off for that Halloween special. Bart lives on in the normal episodes. I can’t see The Simpsons existing without Bart.

  2. Bettors just can’t stop themselves can they? lol The Halloween specials are always fun, and they don’t count towards any continuity on the show otherwise so of course Bart will be back.

    What might be more interesting to the bettors though is how long the Homer-Marge separation they’ve talked about will be. I mean, is it only one show, multiple shows, what? And how can it be funny? Will it be funny?

    1. Mitch, I’m amazed at some of the stuff you can bet online. As an Aussie I’m used to mates betting on stuff amongst themselves but never for the life of me thought some of the stuff they allow you to place bets online was possible.

      Haven’t watched The Simpsons for a while. So Homer and Marge are going to separate. What surprises me is they’ve stayed together for so long. Homer is such a loser :doh: 😀

      As for betting on how Bart will die, one has to wonder where they all the possibilities from and how they know that one of them will actually occur. Have the producers leaked it to them or what?

      1. As far as I know, plans haven’t been leaked so they’re just guessing, probably based on previous shows.

        1. If that is the case shouldn’t they have provided a “None of the above” option? Otherwise they would be ripping people off if none of the options came to pass. If that was the case surely they would have to return all the money. Seems to me the whole exercise would be a total waste of effort.

          1. Actually, that’s not how it works. If it’s none of those the house automatically wins; that’s how it works in the U.S. anyway.

            1. Really? That sucks! I might just shoot them an email and ask them the question.

              Shit, if that is the case in the States, why would anyone make a bet?

              1. That’s why it’s called gambling; people often expect that something odd will happen. Sometimes there are off-category bets that some bookies will take.

                Hey, this isn’t EZ sports betting lol

                1. Man, I so agree that nothing is EZ about gambling Mitch :pull_hair:

                  But having said that, it’s my honest opinion that the ability to win should always be there. There should always be a win lose situation. If it was all lose lose no-one would bother.

                  Anyway, I shot the guys at Sportsbet an email and will let you all know what they say.

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