Sports Betting Is Illegal In India

Here’s something you may not know, sports betting is illegal in India! Apparently, according to the BBC the only form of sports betting allowed in India is horse racing. This means millions of Indians are missing out on being able to place a bet on cricket, their favourite sport. At least those who wish to do it legally! Who knows how many millions of Indians are doing it illegally by ringing their bookies and placing bets by phones.

How about the millions of Indians are placing bets online via the many legitimate online betting sites. Online sports betting sites like William HillSportsbetBet365 and UniBet. Should the Indian government be legalising online sports betting in their country.

Sports Betting Is Illegal In India Should This Change?

sports betting is illegal in IndiaMany say that it’s because sports betting is illegal in India that there are so many problems in the sports betting industry. Many say that legalising it would remove a lot of the criminal content in sports betting. Stuff like what went on in tennis matches not so long ago.

There are benefits for the Indian Government too, like their share of sports betting money. Most gamblers would probably be happy if they legalised sports gambling and wouldn’t mind paying a portion of the bet to the government. The only gamblers who won’t want sports betting legalised are the crooked ones and the ones trying to whitewash their dirty money.

Personally, I believe that legalising it would be a good thing. I know protagonists will say that it would be bad for problem gamblers but then they’d probably be using illegal avenues to place their bets anyway. And those crooked bookies wouldn’t give a shit how badly in debt they would get. There’s more of a chance that legalising sports betting in those countries where its now illegal would also have processes in place to help those problem gamblers.

What’s your view on illegal sports betting?


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