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Being a sports betting related site means I’m always on the lookout for any sports betting news. I find any sports betting news interesting, no matter what part of the world it comes from. Todays sports betting news comes from the States. I’m always amazed at the way Americans think. They make such a big deal about civil liberties and their idea of “freedom” and yet they let quite happy when certain freedoms are denied them. Take being able to buy lottery tickets online and sports betting as an example.

Then again maybe they don’t mind not having something as much as having something taken away from them! Which is why everyone is having such a hard time of changing the gun laws.

sport betting news sportradarWhich all brings me to my first bit of sports betting news. It seems that the legalisation of sports betting in the US is all but inevitable. The fact that some big players over there are willing to invest millions of dollars into a certain company, mainly Sportradar, just goes to show how much they believe that legal sports betting in the States is just around the corner.

Reading that article I learned that although the NBL is still dead set against sports betting the NBA is a lot more positive about it. One thing I know for sure is that once sports betting is legalised millions of American sports lover are going to love betting on their favourite sports.

Even though sports betting is illegal in the States does not mean that Americans aren’t enjoying the fruits, or losses, that come from sports betting. This article shows how one company has actually managed to run their sports betting operations on American soil! Also goes to prove that legal or not Americans want to be able to place bets on their favourite sports.

bet365 visa card sports betting newsAnother bit of sports betting news is that Sportsbet now has some competition when it comes to betting ‘fasterer’. Where Sportsbet has introduced their Sportsbet ATM Card, Bet365 has now come up with their bet365 Visa Card! Having a bet365 Visa card allows you to withdraw winnings from your wagering account to your card, allowing you to instantly access your funds from any ATM where Visa is accepted and make online or in store purchases. It even has PayWave!

Applying is easy too. All you need to apply for a bet365 Visa Card is to verify your ID, you must be an Australian resident and your address details must be correct and up to date. You will also be required to accept the terms and conditions of the Product Disclosure Statement.

Once you have met the criteria, log in to your Bet365 account, select Members from the Services menu, go to Bank then select Apply Now from the bet365 Visa Card tab. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the wheels to turn.

That’s it for today’s sports betting news. Hope you found it interesting. Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything to say.

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  1. Mitch Mitchell

    Well, I doubt it’s going to happen… at least not everywhere and not become a big thing. New Jersey tried doing it a few years ago and they were threatened by every league that had a team in their state to pull the teams out of there… that pretty much shut that down.

    The problem is that sports has become such a big thing to bet on that people are always looking for insider information to scam the system. You might not have heard about two big time daily sports betting sites a couple of weeks ago where it seems that the employees of each company, having that same insider information, used it on the site they didn’t work for and made lots of money; a few of them actually made over a million dollars on one day.

    That made major headlines, there’s about to be a congressional hearing about it, possibly another investigation, and both companies have said their employees will no longer be able to bet on other sites (since they already couldn’t bet on their own), but it might be too late to save it.

    That’s what happens; some might enjoy it but all it takes is someone cheating or gaming the system and having it shut down everywhere… except Vegas. lol

    1. Peter

      Yeah, someone is always trying to game the system. :guns:

      Having said that though, come sports betting is such a profitable enterprise for all those sports betting sites that do exist and have existed for years?

      I’m sure bookies do exist in the States. I’ve a recollection of some of your movies where crooks have tried to rig fights and such just so they can make a killing, bet wise.

      I’m assuming that you guys can bet on sports, just are not able to do it online? If that’s the case then insider information could still sway the outcome?

      I never used to bet on sports but since starting this site I’m doing it more regularly. One thing I have learned is that as far as sports betting is concerned nothing is ever a sure bet. :bash:

      1. Mitch Mitchell

        Actually… nope. lol Outside of Vegas betting offline and online is pretty much illegal. Obviously we have casinos, but most of them are on Native American land since they’re considered sovereign nations within the country. In some states they have casino boat gambling, which technically isn’t on land yet “is”; sneaky stuff. lol And we have lotto, as you know.

        Bookies are considered criminals, whether they try to rig the system or not. If they’re caught, they’re going to jail, and some of them are also fined.

        Remember, we even lost online poker some years ago because of some sneaky legislation that was tied to a security bill to protect our ports from terrorism. 🙁 The reason the fantasy sports thing has slipped through (so far) is because they’re supposedly not really betting on the games, but on players… I’m of the belief that they’re going to close that hole and put these companies out of business, and if that happens it’ll be the fault of those morons who used their information to get rich.

        Personally I don’t care, though I’d like to have poker back (I played for free but others didn’t…). But it’ll take a major change in the political climate to push it through and right now, the overly self righteous and religious folks are going to keep it from becoming a thing.

        1. Peter

          Hey Mitch, I did find this Wikipedia article that alluded that Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana did allow it. Also that several states thought it was a good idea. Who knows it may be only a matter of time.

          Question is why people aren’t up in arms about not being being allowed the option, that they don’t consider it a civil liberty issue? Like it’s alright to own guns that allow mass murder but not to place a bet?

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