Sportsbet Cash Card A Brilliant Idea

sportsbet cash card

Every now and again a sports betting site comes up with a brilliant idea. One of the best ideas would have to be the creation of the sports betting apps. I love my sports betting apps so much I wrote a post about what I believe to be the best sports betting app. Now Sportsbet have come up with another great idea! The Sportsbet ATM Card.

Sportsbet Cash Card – What It Is

The Sportsbet Cash Card is basically an ATM card. The beauty about the card is it allows Sportsbet members the ability to access their winnings at any time. You can use it at the pub to buy your mates a beer or you can take your partner out for a delicious meal.

You can even withdraw any portion of your winnings as cash. This can be done anywhere in Australia via eftpos. The Sportsbet Cash card is also a brilliant way to deposit cash into your Sportsbet account. Something that can take days when doing a bank transfer. I’ve had that happen before. I really wanted to place a bet only to find that I didn’t have any money in the account. I transferred money and it just didn’t take straight away. Luckily I could place a bet via one of the other sports betting site I use. That’s why I’ve always said its best to join more than one sports betting site.

Note, unlike a Visa card you can’t use it buy stuff online, which I think is more of a negative than a positive. Maybe they can change that in the future.

Winnings do not automatically get transferred to your card. This is something you have to do manually which I think is a great idea, security wise. Transferring winnings is easily done too. Simply click on the ‘My Account’ section, go to the ‘Sportsbet Cash’ section and then click on ‘Withdraw winnings to Card.’

The best thing is that any money transferred to or from the Sportsbet Cash Card should update immediately.

Get Cash Faster-er With Sportsbet Cash Card

You gotta love the Sportsbet Cash Card commercial too! Isn’t it just like an Aussie to come up with the word ‘faster-er”  :thumb_up:

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