NAB Challenge Round 2 Results

NAB Challenge Round 2 Results Sucks

NAB Challenge Round 2
After My Nab Challenge Round 1 Results where I got 6 out of 6 I have to say that my NAB Challenge round 2 results absolutely sucked. As you can see from the image above I only got 2 out of the 6 right. Trust bloody Port Power to let me down. Even though I’m not a Port Power fan I really thought they would have this game in the bag.

I also thought the Carlton vs Essendon game disappointing. I just figured with all the problems that Essendon was having that Carlton would be able to get over the line. Even though the resulting loss was disappointing I’m kinda glad that Essendon was able to win this one considering all the bad luck they’ve been having of late.

Then there was the Fremantle vs Adelaide Crows game. Even though it was a NAB Challenge game and the lack of a big crowd didn’t give the game the AFL experience one is used to, more like a SANFL game, being such a close game did give it a little more excitement. Excitement that was enhance by the small wager that I had placed on the game, part of my MultiBet that I placed with SportsBet. I love Multibets because even when you lose you still manage to come away with something. Getting those two right won me $2.88. Ok, That means a loss of $7.12 but I would have come away empty handed if I did a straight bet on the Crows!

That Fremantle vs Adelaide Crows game did outline a major flaw in the Crows game though. One that has razed it’s ugly heady on many occasions. They really need to concentrate in their kicking skills.

Fremantle Kicked 1 super goal, 9 goals and 6 points giving them 16 shots at goals with the total score of 69.

Adelaide Crows kicked 8 goals, 19 points for a total of 27 shots at goal and a total score of 67 points!

So bloody close but no cigar for the Crows. If only there was one of those 19 points inched over between the towering goal posts they would have had that game in the bag.

My message to the Adelaide Crows trainers this year is to get their goal kicking skills into gear. Whats the bloody use of getting the ball into their forward 50 if you don’t convert it into those valuable 6 points on every delivery?

If you had one tip for the Adelaide Crows for the 2016 AFL season, what would it be?

I sure hope your NAB Challenge Round 2 Results was better than mine.  :tup: