Lady Luck Winning Bet Adelaide United vs Central Coast Mariners

If you read my last post you will remember that I asked Lady Luck for advice as to whether or not I should place a bet on the Adelaide United vs Central Coast Mariners. Lady Luck gave me the go ahed and I placed my bet with Bet365! As you can see from the image below she was right giving me the first Lady Luck Winning Bet.

Lady Luck Winning Bet Increases Betting Account

lady luck winning bet

As you can see I placed a bet on who would score the first goal as well as who would win the game. I got the first part of the bet wrong as Sergio Ciriodidn’t score the first goal. That honour went to Pablo Sanchez. Actually Sanchez scored both goals. The first one was a fantastic header which was only possible because of the perfect set up by Fabio Ferreira.

Even thoughI didn’t get both bets right I still consider it a Lady Luck Winning Bet because the return was greater than my initial outlay.And like the rest of you I love my winning bets. Especially when they’re usually too few and too far between.

I normally don’t watch soccer games because I don’t find them all that exiting. That is until I started placing a small bet on those games. It;’s amazing how a small wager can increase the excitement factor of almost any sport. Am I the only one to get more of a thrill from watching a game that I’ve placed a bet on? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below 😉

For a more in depth summary of the game you can head over to the A-League website. If you want to read Central Coast Mariners view point click on this link. If you’d rather read what Adelaide United had to say about their win then this is the link you should follow.

Even though Adelaide United were the favourite I reckon they did well considered they played away and they usually don’t play all that well

Did you watch the game? What did you think of it?

Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory Update

I don’t usually watch A League soccer but I did watch the Adelaide United vs Melbourne Victory game last Friday Night. This is most unusual for me and the only reason I did watch it is because I placed some bets on the game. You can see how I placed those bets in my Australian A League Betting post.

What can I say, that bet was a total bust! Almost like that game. Shit, the only thing that made that game interesting and worth watching was the fact that I placed those bets on it. If I hadn’t placed those bets I doubt very much that I would have watched the whole thing.

Even so I found Adelaide United efforts most frustrating. Not that I know that much about soccer but I felt that Adelaide United was the better side. They seemed to control the ball better and had more shots at goals than Melbourne Victory did. The fact that they missed it so often I found to be extremely frustrating.

When they did finally score that goal in the dying minutes of the game I thought I had a winning bet for sure. All they had to do was to make sure Melbourne Victory did not score a goal. They’d done that for some 85 or so minutes so I thought they could do it for a few minutes more. Unfortunately it was not to be as Ben Khalfallah scored the equaliser ruining all of Sergio Cirio’s efforts for scoring what could have been the winning goal.

Adelaide United draw

The Guardian had an interesting update of the game. Not too much to say I suppose, especially considering it was such a lack lustre game.

All in all though, boring as the game was, I have to say that Adelaide did very well not to get their arses kicked. Apparently, according to some soccer enthusiasts I spoke to, they expected Melbourne Victory to have a resounding win. If you look at it that way a draw isn’t all that bad. Except for the fact that it cost me a bet that is.  :tongue_out: