Round 6 AFL Footy Tips Results

Now that round 6 AFL is over and done with let’s take a look at how Fortuna went with her round 6 AFL footy tips. As you can see from the image below Fortuna’s round 6 AFL footy tips pretty well sucked. Where she got 8 right in round 5 she only got 4 right last week.

Round 6 AFL Footy Tips Results

Round 6 AFL Footy Tips ResultsWhile I agree that 4 out of 9 was a pretty bad result I reckon you would have to admit that round had quite a few upsets.

What really sucks was those results really screwed the MultiBet I placed with Sportsbet! Especially because the first of my MultiBet was on Western Bulldogs to beat to beat St. Kilda. Shit, who in hell would have thought that St. Kilda would have won that game. What really pissed me off was getting that particular game ruined any chance of winning the MultiBet.

Round 6 AFL MultiBet Results

Port Adelaide Fans suckAs for my round 6 AFL MultiBet results I only got 3 of the 6 right, one less than my last MultiBet results. My winning bets were Adelaide, Sydney and Fremantle. At least that won $3.56 so I managed to salvage a little bit of my $10 wager.

At least there was one highlight to the round 6 of the AFL. Port Power lost to the West Coast Eagles. While I’m a tiny little bit sad that a South Australian team lost I’m stoked as far as the Port Adelaide supporters are concerned.

The reason why so many dislike Port Power fans is because for the major part they’re so bloody arrogant as far as their team are concerned.

Take ShowDown 38 as an example. Most of them thought they were going to annihilate the Crows beating them by 10 goals or more. They thought the same about West Coast Eagles, thinking that it was going to be an easy win.

As it turns out they loss. A loss that the Anti-Port Adelaide bloke on FaceBook went to  town on. I pinched that image you see on the left from one of the many that he’s posted on FaceBook.

As for the Crows, while they won that game I reckon they could have done so much better. Still, they won and thats a hell of a lot better than what Port Adelaide was able to do.  :drunk: