AFL Round 12 Results 2019

With round 12 over and done it’s time to examine my AFL round 12 results 2019.

AFL Round 12 Results 2019 Acceptable

AFL round 12 results 2019

All in all, I’m pleased to get four tips right in the AFL round 12 results 2019. The only thing that gets my goat is the Carlton vs Brisbane game. Who would the hell have thought that Carlton would win that game? Well, the Brisbane coach hinted at it. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t tip them and being the second team in my multi-pick, that was another losing bet for me.

AFL Final Scores Round 12

Richmond 5-7 [37]Geelong 16-8 [104]
Carlton 11-12 [78]Brisbane 9-9 [63]
Gold Coast 11-6 [72]Nth. Melbourne 14-15 [99]
Adelaide Crows 12-10 [82]GWS Giants 9-7 [61]
Sydney 18-8 [116]West Coast 10-11 [71]
Collingwood 15-8 [98]Melbourne 7-15 [57]

For me the highlight of round 12 was the Crows defeating GWS Giants, I know a lot of folks out there didn’t think the Crows could win, but I had faith in them, and thankfully the Crows came through.

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AFL Round 12 Results 2017 Horror Of 2017 Footy

No bullshit, the AFL round 12 results of 2017 is truly the horror round of 2017 footy tipping. Talk about getting it wrong, Fortuna really stuffed up her footy tips for round 12! It’s even worse than the AFL round 7 results 2017 which had uspets galore!

Fortuna’s AFL Round 12 Results 2017 Horror Footy Tipping

AFL round 12 2017 results

The AFL Round 12 2017 horror footy tips results all started with the Sydney vs Western Bulldogs game. I did say in the round 12 tipping post that I was unsure about that particular. I also mentioned in the same post I wouldn’t back Hawthorn because “Hawthorn have let me down too many times for me to have faith in backing them in a multi, at least for this week anyway.” And yet for some stupid reason the Hawthorn game was the first leg of my multi! What was with that anyway? What the hell was I thinking?

Lesson learned! Always check your bets before finalising them!

As far as the Sydney vs Western Bulldogs game, that was always going to be a close one. According to the odds being offered even the punters thought so. However, according to Fox Sports, it all had to do with, “IT WAS a tactic that started before the first bounce.

A plethora of Swans beelined Norm Smith Medal winner Jason Johannisen, singling him out as their target for the night.

The push and shove was relentless. And it didn’t give up until the final siren.”

Sort of makes you wonder how targeting one player can make all the difference doesn’t it? They did the same thing with the Crows Sloane.

The Saints targeted Rory again in the Friday night game but this time the Crows managed a resounding win. According to Pyke, the Crows aren’t worried about the Sloane problem.

Essendon Have Jets On Bombing Out Powers Lights

As far as Port Power goes they were the definite favourites over Essendon. As Essendon possibly played their best quarter this season it just goes to show you can never go into a game half cocked. Do that and you give the opposition a head start that you can never recover from.

All that’s left now is the Melbourne vs Collingwood game. There’s still 9 minutes in the game with Melbourne leading the way with a 4 point lead. It’s anybody’s game at this point. Don’t you love it when it’s such a close game? Although I have to admit, these nail biters can be quite stressful :bash:

As it turns out the fans go wild as Melbourne’s Jack Watts kicks a goal in the final minutes of the game. The roar would lift the roof if had one. Only seconds left and we get another tip right.