AFL Round 4 Results 2019

AFL Round 4 Results 2019 Sucks

Ok, I’m not at all happy with my AFL round 4 results. It’s like I said in todays heading, it sucks, and it sucks big time! Instead of going forward and getting six right I went backwards and only got 4 correct tips in my AFL round 4 tips.

AFL round 4 results 2019

As for the game results, check out the table below.

Sydney 11-12 (78) Melbourne 13-10 (100)
Collingwood 11-12 (78) Wstn. Bulldogs 9-10 (64)
Geelong 11-9 (75) GWS Giants 11-13 (79)
Essendon 17-10 (112) Brisbane 9.11 (65)
Port Adelaide 14-8 (92) Richmond 15-9 (99)
Nth. Melbourne 9-17 (71) Adelaide Crows 8-11 (59)
West Coast 10-9 (69) Fremantle 7-14 (56)
Gold Coast 8-11 (59) Carlton 8-9 (57)
St. Kilda 10-14 (74) Hawthorn 10.9 (69)

As far as margins go, my closest pick was the Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs game. Collingwood won 14 points whereas I picked a margin of 13 points. Not too bloody shabby hey? Too bad the other games kind of sucked.

Mojo News wrapped up round 4 pretty well calling their article Thrashings, Upsets and Comebacks. Round 4 Talking Points.

Oh well, there’s always next week. Let’s hope my round 5 results are a lot better.

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AFL Round 4 2018 Results

I’m a lot happier with last weeks AFL Round 4 2018 Results.

AFL Round 4 2018 Results On The Way Up

AFL Round 4 2018 Results

The best thing of all was that my Sportsbet multi-bet was a winner. Feels great to see them deposit some cash into my sports betting bankroll.  :tongue_out: So, let’s have a look at the  AFL scores for week 4.

AFL Round 4 2018 Results – Scores

ADELAIDE CROWS     1.1   3.2   6.3   9.4      (58)
COLLINGWOOD           5.2   8.5  11.9  16.10 (106)

As a Crows fan, all I can say was the Crows performance was woeful whereas Collingwood showed them how to handle a footy in the wet. It was so painful to watch the Crows constantly fumbling with the ball. What was a winnable game turned out to be a disaster for all Crow supporters

GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY     1.5    5.9    8.14  11.16 (82)
FREMANTLE                                   3.1    5.2    5.6      7.9   (51)

There were no surprises as far as this game goes.

RICHMOND     5.5     8.10     11.12     16.14     (110)
BRISBANE      0.2       0.4         1.4         2.5     (17)

I’m sure after the three previous narrow losses this week’s results mortified both Brisbane players and fans alike. They’re going to have to do a lot better to regain some credibility.

WESTERN BULLDOGS       4.0       6.3       10.4     11.13 (79)
SYDNEY                               5.3       7 7.      9.10.   13.8   (86)

Don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think Sydney could have pulled this off with Franklin. Luckily for us tipsters, Lance was there to save the day.

NORTH MELBOURNE   4.5     9.6    14.7    18.8 (116)
CARLTON                      1.0     3.3     3.4      4.6   (30)

While Carlton’s loss to North Melbourne wasn/t as bad as Brisbane, it was still pretty pathetic. Don’t you hate those games where it looks like one of the sides didn’t bother to show up?

WEST COAST   4.4  12.8  15.12  21.13 (139)
GOLD COAST   3.1    4.2    8.4     9.5    (59)

Another tip right with West Coast winning convincingly against West Coast.

ESSENDON               5.2   9.4    12.7   16.10   (106)
PORT ADELAIDE      2.2   4.6      8.8   12.12   (84)

Trust Port Adelaide to get this one wrong. Like the Crows, this was a winnable game for the Power, but unfortunately, they could find the switch and had to play with a power outage. Like a lot of other tipsters, I was amazed to get this one wrong.

HAWTHORN   3.5       7.5       11.7     18.7 (115)
MELBOURNE  5.5       5.9       5.11     6.12 (48)

Another one wrong. Such a big margin too. It looks AFL Round 4 2018 Results were full of huge margins.

GEELONG    4.3   8.6   13.8   15.13 (103)
ST KILDA    1.4   3.7     5.8     7.14  (56)

Although I got this one right, the vast margin stuffed up my Million Dollar Tipping results. Yeah, I know I lost, but the significant margin difference has sent me further back in the Million Dollar Tipping ladder.

Here’s to doing even better with this weeks AFL Round 5 2018 tips.

You know what I need right now? Some funny AO jokes to brighten up my day.