AFL Round 4 Results 2019

AFL Round 4 Results 2019 Sucks

Ok, I’m not at all happy with my AFL round 4 results. It’s like I said in todays heading, it sucks, and it sucks big time! Instead of going forward and getting six right I went backwards and only got 4 correct tips in my AFL round 4 tips.

AFL round 4 results 2019

As for the game results, check out the table below.

Sydney 11-12 (78) Melbourne 13-10 (100)
Collingwood 11-12 (78) Wstn. Bulldogs 9-10 (64)
Geelong 11-9 (75) GWS Giants 11-13 (79)
Essendon 17-10 (112) Brisbane 9.11 (65)
Port Adelaide 14-8 (92) Richmond 15-9 (99)
Nth. Melbourne 9-17 (71) Adelaide Crows 8-11 (59)
West Coast 10-9 (69) Fremantle 7-14 (56)
Gold Coast 8-11 (59) Carlton 8-9 (57)
St. Kilda 10-14 (74) Hawthorn 10.9 (69)

As far as margins go, my closest pick was the Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs game. Collingwood won 14 points whereas I picked a margin of 13 points. Not too bloody shabby hey? Too bad the other games kind of sucked.

Mojo News wrapped up round 4 pretty well calling their article Thrashings, Upsets and Comebacks. Round 4 Talking Points.

Oh well, there’s always next week. Let’s hope my round 5 results are a lot better.

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